you know what i notice? people armed with anonyminity (sp?) on a message board believe it's ok to talk like a big person... i'm not going to name names or sites, but for goodness sake, since when is it ok to say things like this to people:

i wish i was able to say what kind of retarded piece of f****t crap you are without getting banned

Funny how none of you excal-f**k-turds can't type properly.

no you s**tm**g

your a m**g

You f**king ignorant gym-teacher

(and I've edited out some of the words as i am an adult ;))

anyways - that is on a forum about a GAME! people actually flame one another daily, just because they disagree... gotta feel sorry for those moderators.. also got to laugh at the things people believe - that the members of the other realms HAVE to be kids/idiots/some kind of expletive because - they play another realm. and some of these forumites are kids - 12 - 13 years old talking like that!

my point? no point really... just find reading that stuff almost amusing - almost.

i've never really been one for forums - i only read that one in particular because occasionally there is some interesting notes about the game, but i thought "i wonder" and checked a few others... the american version to this board is the same, as are some computer building forums, some tech support forums, even some skinning sites are the same.

makes you wonder - if person a that flames person b had the same conversation in real life, would they be screaming "DIE IRL" (die in real life, another commonly used phrase) over a pint of beer? i doubt it.. it seems that those that do all the screaming, flaming and insulting are probably 24/7 nerds, pale skinned, and living in their mothers basement.. and the most amusing thing is the people they are screaming and flaming at are usually the ones that produce the common sense answers, and appear to have their head screwed on.

ah well - human nature is that i suppose - if you have something to hide behind (in this case, a username and monitor) civility goes out the window...

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