- Why do you blog?
I blog to clear my head, to get my thoughts on "paper", and generally to go off on the things that I can't do in public. It also acts as a way for my international friends to see what we're getting up to.

- How long have you been blogging?
I've been on Blogger since 2003, filling cyberspace with words, pictures and rants. However, before then I tried a couple of different blogging sites, and had three before this. Who knows, maybe they are still out there somewhere.

- What do you do for fun?
Aside from blogging, I play World of Warcraft, I read other peoples blogs, I chat on MSN Messenger and generally wander around the World Wide Web. Before I lost Bethany, I was an avid Dungeons and Dragons player, but mysteriously lost my gaming mojo. I am hoping to start playing again soon, maybe. I also love music, enjoy reading, love spending time with Kellie, love hanging out with the kids, enjoy walking, creative writing, love my Technology stuff and geeky things... I honestly have too many likes/enjoyments/distractions!

- Aside from your computer, what else is fun for you?
I don't watch TV at all, but do buy DVD Box Sets of the shows I want to see: CSI, 24, Lost, Heroes, House MD, The Collector and Firefly and the shows I love, and I keep debating on other shows - The Shield, Stargate, the other CSI spinoffs... Other than TV shows, I love Movies and have nearly 600 DVDs ranging from comedy to drama, true life to cartoons. When not watching things, I will read or listen to music. There is nearly always music on in the house. I listen to almost anything, but am not a fan of RnB, Hip Hop, and especially not Country and Western.

- How did you and Kellie meet?
She was the literal "Girl Next Door" when I was growing up. We dated, we changed our minds, we skipped 14-15 years, we met up again.

- What do you do for a living?
While I have various degrees in Computers and Technology, I am actually not employed. Previously, I worked for a large telecommunications company here in Basildon, but after a year of being off sick, I was diagnosed with a degenerative spinal disorder, and more recently, ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Various drugs help reduce the pain (a bit), but for the most part, I can't do a lot of anything. It's all fun and games!

- How is it you are a mostly "up" person?
I think comedy and smiling is the best cure for a lot of things. I love to make people smile, to make them happy, and to make them feel good about themselves. Even in bleak situations, I can find something half-amusing to say to make people smile. Don't get me wrong, I don't sit chuckling at funerals, but I try to see the good in everything. If you can't smile, what's the point? I also take solace in Kellies presence. Quite often if I am down, or sad, or fed up, a few words from Kellie, a cuddle, a smile... She makes everything feel better by just being there for me.

- Why do you not discuss religion or politics on your blog?
In general, these two subjects are likely to cause the biggest differences of opinion. While I like people to think, I don't want them to argue. In addition to this, with a reader base stretching Europe, the Americas and Australasia, the fine nuances of political climates are lost on people that are not residents. Religion is an altogether different kettle of fish. I am not religious in the slightest, and while I don't have a problem with people praying for me (goodness knows, I've had a lot of that), I don't like to have religious views thrust down my throat.

- Can you talk about *some-such-subject* on your blog?
Depends on the subject at hand, but if you want me to talk about something specific, just ask - email or in the comments of a post - I'm not hard to reach. If I WON'T discuss it, I will justify why.

- Where in the world are you?
I reside in England, south-east corner, about 30 miles from London. Town of Basildon in Essex, on the fun fun street of Long Riding.

- Can you tell me a secret?
Erm... Until September of 2006, I had never "done" any form of illegal drug in my 30 years of life, until a friend made some special, extra-strong brownies. Three of us ate them - one person had one, and threw up; one person had two, and flaked out on the sofa; I had three, and spent the evening looking after the puker and making sure the sleeper was OK, while I felt no effects what so ever. Pah

- Can you add such-and-such to the FAQ?
Sure, just ask!