Musical Monday #158 - Call Me A Hole

If there is one style of music that always impresses - regardless of liking the music itself - it's when someone creates a Mash-Up of two songs.

Now, I am not talking about when a DJ flicks his wrists and makes one bit of music play with some phat-bass pounding in the background. I am talking taking the music from one song - minus vocals - and mixing it to the vocals - minus music - of a totally different track.

It's something I've liked for several years, and while I know it's been going on for a while, the advent of this fangled Intarwebz thing has made it easier to listen to such music.

I've been playing Eve Online for entertainment of late. It's been the only game to hold my attention (as you may recall, I was having some serious gaming issues) but thanks to Kevin - Kellies best friend Kerrys brother Kevin (konfusing...) I'm now playing with a group of like-minded sorts that is making life enjoyable once more.

But I digress from the tangent.

Eve has a very popular radio station associated with it, with the catchy name of Eve Radio. The Devs and the GMs join in with it too which is cool, so they socialise with the player-base. It was on here that one of the DJs played this song, and to be honest, I love it. I wasn't overly enthralled with one part of the song thanks to it being soooo overplayed in this house, and while I prefer the original of the other song, these two together

I think I might post some more Mash Up tracks over the coming Musical Mondays.. Hmm..

Anyway, for now.. Nine Inch Nails vs. Carly Rae Jepson - Call Me A Hole

Way To Stereotype

I am, in general, a very very tolerant person. I don't care what colour your skin is, I don't care who you love, I don't care who you say thank you to at bedtime, and I don't care if you talk to a spirit, power, supreme being, or an invisible goat called Jeremy.

Be nice to me, I'll be nice to you. Do what you want, don't force it on others. Live your life your way, be mindful of how others live their lives.

There are, however, still people in the world that have Stereotypes sooo far up their own bottoms it is worrying. And I don't mean The Common Person On The Street, I am talking about people that wear a shiny badge that says "I'm a politician" or "I'm in charge of a massive company" or whoever.

I WAS about to do a Musical Monday post, but decided to skim through the news, where my usual repository for face-palming at  humanity - Sky News (also known as "Wow, Let's Sex Up This Headline!") were covering the missing Malaysian Airways 777-200.

Now, I get they have to cover all bases, and I get that they are probably quite stressed out and trying to do everything they can. One of their lines of enquiry seems to be these people that managed to get onboard using stolen passports - which is a little worrying considering how tight security is supposed to be in air travel these days. While discussing this avenue of investigation, I was taken aback by one single line, a quote from Malaysia's Civil Aviation Chief caught my eye, and pretty much made me shake my head.

Now, I am sorry, but someone that is "In Charge" of anything should be somewhat less of a dick as far as I am concerned. I completely get that they have to explore the possibility of terrorism in the disappearence of this flight. I get that the "climate of the world" is somewhat tense. But it seems to me that he is dismissing that line of enquiry because the chaps using the stolen passports were not "Asian-looking"

My first thought was the chap that tried to blow up the explosives in his underwear on Christmas Day 2009 while heading into Detroit. Despite his name, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was also "not Asian-looking" being that he came from Nigeria.

My second line of thought was "What the holy-hell does an "Asian-looking man" look like anyway!?" Asia is, as far as I remember from Geography, a fairly large place. I mean, bigger than Belgium at least.

Side note: Everything always seems to be "The Size of Belgium" when they talk about big things. Don't believe me? Click that link!


Asia is effing big. Like, BIG big, and covers 80% of the Earths land, 60% of the World population (4.3 billion people, apparently) and a bit of research tells me it ranges from Egypt, up past Turkey, Western Russian, across the top of The World, down the side of the Pacific, through the Indonesia archepegalo, and then all along the Bay of Bengal, around India into the Arabian Sea, and finally up the Red Sea, back to Egypt (via Suez).

For clarity, that is 48 different countries (and, apparently, parts and areas of Turkey & Russia sometimes count) for one somewhat-larger-than-Belgium continent. When you think how different all these people look - from the Japanese to the East, to the Turkish to the West, there is no "look" for an Asian person.

THIS is how pissed off the quote has made me - I've been researching all this for this blog post!

It is also worth noting that the aircraft was travelling from Kuala Lumpa, Malaysia to Beijing, China - both of which come under Asia - so I would imagine quite a lot of the passengers "look Asian"

But I digress. And breath.

It just really pisses me off that in this day and age where we should be less "He's Asian, must be a terrorist" and realise that any nut-job can be radicalised by any other nut-job, and be turned against the world for ANY reason. Religion is a biggie, but then there are the Land Disputes out there too that create radicalised people.


PS: If I suddenly vanish, it's because MI5 or similar security agencies found some of my Google searches for this post, and decided they were worrying enough to lock me away. Currently I can barely walk, let alone be a nut-job or a terrorist... So please remember to get me released ASAP - I don't think I'd do well in jail with my baby-soft skin ;)

Feeling Rough

You would have thought that having had a relatively busy weekend, followed today by getting up at half eight and being proper full-on busy All. Day. Long... You'd have thought sleep would come easily.

Pfft, you'd have thought...

I honestly didn't stop till about five this evening today, and I had to use all my faculties too, physical, strength, mental, dexterity, following lists and instructions, crouching low, stretching high, trying to not lop off my fingers or fall down stairs, and remembering how to type and count too..

Last night - well, most nights this last week - have been horrendous, even for my sleep patterns, and while I could have done without being quite so stupidly busy today, I thought - foolishly - that it might help me sleep.

So, early night... Nine o clock.

And here we are at half midnight already. I know what most of the issue is. My body is screaming, and my head is swimming with what feels like blancmange, and thoughts struggle to rise through it.

So here I lay, three and a half hours of trying to sleep, so I figure I'll try blogging, focus away from sleeping.

Or not sleeping, as the case is.

Thursday, I'm going back to the doctor and asking for a referral back to Pain Management. Not that I am holding much hope with them being helpful... Just like the last times (yes, plural) I've been there.
And maybe this week I'll learn to stop running around doing everything and delegating to the rest of the household to do something. I know I can't keep going on like this. I nearly fell out the shower yesterday. I almost fell down the stairs today. Twice. I nearly stuck myself with a knife AND almost lopped off a finger today too.

Not good.

Anyway, I'm going to return to the bed and staring at the ceiling now in a hope that part of my body realises it'll stop hurting if I fall asleep, and will feel better in the morning.

OK, not better... Less shit, maybe. Unless I did more than I should have done today, in which case, I'm going to suffer for the next few days.


Wish me luck.

Musical.. Er.. Day.. Number.. Erm..

"So Mr Insomniac -" ask the normal people of the world, the ones that get into bed, fall asleep for 8.37 hours, and wake up feeling refreshed "- what's it like living on 1-2 hours of broken sleep every night for weeks on end?"

The Insomniac isn't too sure how to answer this. After all, Last Remaining Alert Brain Cell (that you may recall, is a complete and utter bastard) has made the Insomniac walk to town and do shopping amid all the cranky if it wasn't for us in world war two pensioners pushing past the Insomniac, and 'disabled' people on their Obescycles blocking the aisles so they can buy chocolate...

The Last Remaining Alert Brain Cell, being a complete and utter bastard, decides to answer the question in the form of music. He vaguely recalls the day being Monday, and something associated with music happening on that day.

So here we have what it's like in the head of Mr Insomniac most days.

And f$cking nights.

Nine Years

Today, my brain is doing some strange things to me. As usual, I did not sleep very well in the slightest, and when I did manage to doze off, my dreams were filled with Guys Hospital, and plenty of bad things. I woke up feeling quite... Shit... This was at half five. I was freezing cold, I was trying to push things out of my mind, and ended up clambering out of bed, slapping on a tee shirt and lounge pants, put on the heating, and snuggled up to Kellie to steal her body heat.

I fell asleep failing quickly - I assume, anyway, I don't remember much after getting back into bed. I did my best to keep my mind clear, occupying it with my happy place, and ended up asleep again.

I woke up at about eight, Kellie getting ready for work, but my brain was calm, relaxed. Don't get me wrong, I was still sad, but aside from a few times of my brain pulling me back to that room nine years ago, my mind wasn't focused on that last week with Bethy. It was everything else she did.

Now, I am not saying I am "cured" or "over it" or anything else, but I think I am coping better than I have done over the previous years.

I also can't believe it's been nine years. As I write this, I can picture Bethy laughing and smiling, I can picture her playing, I can picture her sitting with me watching kids TV, see her dancing, enjoying what she had.

I miss her every day. Every single day. I am sure there are people out there that can't understand nor imagine what it is like to deal with this sort of thing, but deal and cope I have to.

Don't get me wrong, I could quite easily collapse in a big pile of sobbing Dan if I chose to, but I can't. I have all the kids here depending on me, I have Kellie, I have my friends and my family. And it's a joint effort - without them, I wouldn't have any reason to stand up straight and carry on. I need to be strong for them, and because of them, I can be strong.

I am a firm believer in coping with friends and loved ones. I tried Bereavement Counselling, and it made things seem worse. Every session seemed harder and harder. Same with my previous bout of CBT - talking things through doesn't cure everything... Well, with strangers at any rate. I can talk to those around me if I need to, even though opening up to people is really really difficult for me.

But I digress.

I have found several days this month quite difficult, especially via Facebook... People post all sorts of things regarding Congenital Heart Defects (CHD) throughout February, as it is designated CHD Awareness Day/Week/Month depending on who you talk to. I often find it hard reading people talking about how well their child is doing. I find it really really hard reading about people that have lost their child, and all I can do is offer my condolences and support, but I always think my words sound hollow for some reason. The hardest thing, however, is seeing all the photos people post of children in ICU with the pipes and tubes and wires, coupled with the surgical marks and wounds and scars...

THAT brings it rushing back to me in quite a hard manner, but I can't scream at the people that their picture brings everything back. People remember things in different ways, but the pictures of children an hour or two post surgery just makes me feel awful, and I have to ALT+F4 my browser, just to get out of there, and then spend ages trying to get the image out of my mind, which of course, my brain switches so it stars Bethany...

But anyway.

Today, I have made sure Kellie is at work. I have three kids here with me, and I am determined to get through today as normally as possible. Aside from a hiccup this morning, I've been quite good and settled today, remembering the good for the most part. I'm sad and down, but am pushing through it as best I can. So I made sure Kellie went to work. Usually she has today off to keep me company and occupied... So far, I think I'm OK.
To my beautiful Angel, Bethany...

I can't believe that today marks nine years since you had to leave me. I was so sure that you had the fight in you to beat everything that was thrown your way, but in the end, it was too much for you. I still sometimes wonder if things would have been different if I had asked your doctor-man to look at other options, but blaming myself does not achieve anything - even though I can't help but wonder about it some days.

I miss you every single day my little gorgeous. I miss hearing you laugh, shouting out for me when you didn't want to get out your chair, giggling when I rubbed my beard on your cheek and neck, laughing when I announced the chocolate was only for people with a spleen.

I wonder how you would have grown, what interests and hobbies you would have taken to, what you would have been like at school, what career you would have gone into. I know it's not a good thing to do, but I often wonder "what if" in the dead of night, what if you hadn't left, what if you hadn't been born with the insides the way they were...

I wish so hard for more time with you. A few more minutes just to talk to you. A few more minutes of holding you in my arms. A few more minutes of tickling you, playing with you, of letting you know how loved you are, how wonderful you are, and how much you would be missed. Just one more minute of one of your big cuddles with your arms tight around my neck, feeling your breath on my cheek, your cold fingers on the back of my neck.

I miss you so much Bethy. I love you with all of my heart still, and even now, I still think I see you out of the corner of my eye, or nipping through a crowd... I expect to see you on the stairs sometimes, or sitting on the sofa, or walking around dragging Baby Rabbit behind you.

Where ever you are, my perfect little Angel, I hope you are happy. I hope you know you are missed daily, but more than anything I hope you know how much you are loved. Whoever you are with, whatever you are doing, I just want you to know you are loved dearly.

I'm sorry you couldn't stay longer my Princess. I would have loved to see you grow up into a beautiful girl, teen, and woman. No matter where you are or what you are doing, dance, shake, wiggle and run around.

Sweet dreams, my little gorgeous.

I see you baby, every single day.


Bloody Bodyclock

I have no idea why or whatever reason my body will use for it, but the last few weeks have been compete and utter pants for my insomnia. I am tired and doing my best to hold in the grouchy each day, struggle to stay awake during daylight hours, find I need to be in bed early of an evening, and then, between one and two in the morning, I wake up.

And awake I can stay till gone five. I might nod on and off until five, but once that magic time rolls around, I flake out hardcore style, and am dead to the world until woken up, or left to wake up - which, if I'm left, can be between ten and eleven in the morning.

For the most part, Kellie usually wakes me up when she's getting ready for work (as I don't like not saying goodbye, and I don't like sleeping in) so I'm not sleeping till late. When my body starts trying to fall asleep during the day, usually around 1pm, I try to keep busy and fight it off. If I am full-on exhausted, I'll have a nap, but not often.

The same thing happens around six, I have to fight dozing off, and never let myself sleep at that time of the day. Of late, I've been exhausted by half eight, and from then on till about ten, I will go to bed.

Once in bed, I've even been too tired to read or poke around on my phone. It's literally get into bed, wait till madam gets comfy, then I fidget a bit and pass out...

Only to reawaken between one and two again.

Sometimes - like tonight - it's pain. The last few nights have been pain-related. My legs are not happy at the moment, and my pain killers are doing between Diddly and Squat for me.

Sometimes my brain wakes me up, and it's stuff I've got to do, or need to do, or thought about doing, or stuff I've been thinking about in general. If it's not pain, it's usually my brain waking me.

Sometimes it's Kellie... A nightmare, or dumping the duvet on me, or removing the duvet from me, or she's making strange sounds on her sleep, suggesting she's either possessed, drowning, strangling herself, having a heart attack or something else entirely random...

Sometimes it's a noise in the house that should not be there. Usually it's a child getting up for a piss, or a cat being a dickhead, or a neighbour making a sudden noise.

Sometimes, it can be the most mundane biological retirement... I need to piss.

And sometimes, it's just "because" It's almost like my body has gone "psst, Dan... Let's be awake for no reason what so ever!" which is so marvellous...

I've mentioned my only company before, a very confused blackbird that seems to sing all night. Indeed, even as I write this, he's out there singing his heart out. If it were five in the morning, I could understand - getting ready for the dawn chorus and all that - but all night long...? He must be as tired as me.

It is usually perfectly silent outside. The occasional car, the odd drunk returning home, a rare emergency vehicle shooting past, blue lights lighting the room briefly... But otherwise, it's quiet and peaceful and almost relaxing... I love the song of a blackbird, and while I feel for him being up all hours, it's not entirely unpleasant.

Don't get me wrong, I don't enjoy being awake, and would much rather be sleeping, but aside from the occasional bored American on Facebook, no one local is around cyberspace at this time of the night. The only others are pissed-off insomniacs just passing through, muttering to themselves, reading posts through bleary eyes, before toddling back off to their beds.

There might be other insomniacs on Twitter, but I don't really spend much time on there. Sometimes I'll be on there for half an hour, but, I don't know.. It just feels impersonal or something on there, and too many people are only interested in arbitrary numbers... Number of followers, and number of tweets. People might say "oh I don't pay attention to those" but you can tell they do by celebrating their twelve-millionth tweet, and posting over and over and over all day long. Maybe Twitter should hide those numbers, that'd be interesting...

But I digress.

I could go and play games, spend a few hours killing baddies or zooming through space or whatever, but usually that just wakes me up more, and I don't even get the early morning mash up of sleep.

I could lay in bed and think about random stuff, stewing on stuff in the dark, but that's not helpful, plus some things just don't need it... Cheque please, over it, move on. Other things can be ranted out and dealt with. Yes, there is probably other stuff I can dwell on, but it doesn't solve anything.

Tonight I'm trying the tactic of making a hot chocolate. I have no idea if it will help or work, but I've not done it for a while, so who knows.

And as well as the hot drink, here I am blogging. Maybe laying my random thoughts out like this will help. Maybe I'll put my phone down and something I've said here will cause me to sit up thinking and stewing for hours on end. Maybe I'll flake out.

But whatever happens, me and my blackbird cohort will no doubt be sitting here this time tomorrow too, him singing away, me trying to understand what my body or brain is trying to tell me.

It's A Bit Damp...

OK, I admit and pre-warn you, this is likely to end up as a rant... I've been clearing up all morning, so am now tired and sore and cranky as f$ck and have been thinking about a lot of this over and over and over...

That said. You may have noticed - and I don't know if it has been touched on by any international news outlets - but the UK is currently in the path of storms. Storm after storm after storm. It has been very wet and very windy.

The Jet-Stream, they say, is pushing damp air in one way, then hitting cold air, and the end result is rain. Or something.

Is it global warming? One group is pointing at it and screeching about Carbon Dioxide and Man-Made climate change, and shit being churned out... Another group is harping on that there is proof that this sort of thing happens and it's just part of the global cycle. We shan't touch on the lunatics blaming gay marriage, equal opportunities, free love, sin or anything falling under the umbrella of "Gods Wrath!" because, you know, they are mad.

So we shall leave that alone. Suffice to say, it's definitely not normal. Not here, and not in many other parts of the world. Parts of the US & Canada are getting ice storms and snow storms and all sorts of cold stuff. Australia is currently cooking and drying out like a worm on the pavement in the summer. Parts of the Middle East are suffering drought. Monsoons have failed. It's all pretty shit.

But to come back home, where our issue is some wind and rain and very large, deep puddles...

It just seems like everyone is blaming everyone else, yet NO ONE is taking responsibilities for their own actions or their own choices or decisions, and THAT is what is pissing me off.

Compared to the other weather-issues around the world, things are not that bad - not really. Would you rather have a foot of water in your lounge - that you were warned was coming - or a raging torrent wash your entire house away? More worried your fields are under water, or not have had rain for so many months nothing you plant is going to grow. And a lot of it is now involving finger pointing and politics, and all sorts of crap.

First off, all the farmers are raging mad because their livestock is wet, their fields are flooded, and they can't make a living. But hang on...

For years, farmers have been cutting down bushes, hedgerows, trees, woods, forests - anything in their way to prevent them making bigger and bigger fields, or clearing places for their sheep to have lunch or whatever.

You know - trees and stuff - those things that, say, drink a shit load of water on a daily basis. If they hadn't cleared land on a bigger and bigger and bigger scale, things might not be quite so bad.

Then there are the people that live on the coast where the storms have landed. Over the years, sea levels has risen, and sea defences have been built up higher and higher. Then, they got to a point where lots of people that live on the sea front realised that their "Scenic Coastal View" was going to be blocked by the new, higher sea wall. They wrote petitions, formed committees, took their problems to the local government and generally protested their little hearts out that the new wall was detrimental to their view, that tourists coming to see their seaside town would stop coming, and so the higher wall was a BAD thing.

Cue the higher, stronger sea going over the sea wall and flooding their little town. "Ooooh if only there were a better sea defence, if only we had a higher sea wall, we're now flooded, so no tourist is going to come here..."


The people that have built their houses beside a cliff edge - they get an honourable mention because when the news teams are filming that lovely house going over the edge of the cliff after the waves have obliterated them - why does everyone look so surprised?

And there are the people screaming and shouting and hollering, saying the flooding would have been prevented had their river been dredged "like we have been telling them for years!" Cue then the news helicopter showing the dozens of square miles under three or four feet of water. Now, forgive my mathematics, which was never very good, but I don't think taking a few feet of mud out of a river would have made THAT much more space to prevent eight gazillion gallons of spilling onto the fields.

"BUT it wouldn't have been as bad!" people cry. No, you are right, it wouldn't have been so bad. Instead of twelve square miles being under four feet of water, it'd be twelve square miles under two feet of water.  Much better.

I sometimes think I was the only person in my Science lesson on the day we did the water cycle... Water evaporates off the sea. Clouds roll inland. Clouds reach a point and drop water. Water then goes in different directions - some across land and into the brooks, streams then rivers, to flow back to the sea; some is absorbed by the land, and drains into the water table and aquifers to be used as a water source; some is absorbed by trees and plants...

But there are issues with this now... The rivers have been changed and altered by humans, they've been made straighter and deeper, the sides have been increased. The area around these lower areas are called Flood Plains... Can you tell where that name comes from? And no, it's not because they are quite plain. And this flood plain, which is now walled off from the river becomes a housing estate. Then a village. Then a town. Tarmac, concrete, cement, bricks... This place where the water would usually be absorbed is now a brick-covered sponge, so the water runs straight into the river. For good measure, the towns drainage system now ALSO dumps into the river.

The moors and forests have been hacked, chopped, burnt and generally buggered, so the water that would usually be absorbed here has no where to go. With so much extra water, it just runs down hill, across the big flat open farmland, and dumps straight into the river.

Water + Water + Water + Rain = Lots and Lots of Water

It's not rocket science, and the big strong walls they built to hold the deeper, wider, man-buggered river are actually not that strong. So the Not-So big strong walls go pop and leak all over the flood plain.

Did I say flood plain, sorry, it's a TOWN now. Covered in tarmac and concrete and cement and bricks - so the water that would usually slowly ebb away has precisely zero places to go.

Let's put it another way that people might understand - less sciencey. Think of it in terms of supply and demand.
  • The clouds are our supply;
  • They piss water all over us because of the demand - the trees and plants and grassland and forests and all the brooks and streams and rivers and flood plain;
  • The clouds aren't too smart, so they will supply regardless of the demand;
  • Take away MORE demand - cut down trees and forests, build over everything that could absorb water, get rid of the waterways - and you have a surplus;
  • That surplus is what us common folk refer to as "a f$cking great flood"

And so with swathes of our country under water, the next logical step is for everyone to blame everyone else. Take some bloody responsibility.

AND! Why is it that every politician and semi-important spod decides to put on their wellies and go take a look?! The Prime Minster has been, the other bloke from the opposite side of Parliament... Wallace, I think, from the Wallace & Grommit movies. The bloke next in line to the throne who will never get there at this rate - he turned up, on the back of a tractor trailer. They all look around, all with their "Grr serious" faces on, listening to the locals rant about their soggy sofa, damp sheep, waterlogged cows, overflowing pond, and whatever else they are screaming about...

Then there is "Social" Media, where people are sharing a photo with a caption like "Share this picture to show your support for the wet blokes down south" Aw that's nice, I am sure a picture of a flood being shared is doing SO much for everyone. "Click Like if you think more should be done to help those affected by Noahs Flood" Aw yes, over twelve thousand people have liked a picture.

Those people with a new pool where their downstairs used to be are SO lucky to have so many likes and shares...

So whats being done?

Well, the Army is involved now (though I think the Navy would SURELY have been a better help) and they are doing the same as the others, standing around, scratching their heads, pulling a boat of cold old ladies and their little shivering dogs.

Then there are the water pumps everywhere, pumping the water from one place to another... Very helpful. It must be that well trained water that knows it's not allowed back where it came from.

There are the councils that are now charging residents for sandbags. That's nice and properly in the spirit of things.

People are trying to work together to rebuild sea walls and river walls, using whatever they have to hand, but you have to wonder... If a properly-built wall didn't stand up to That Wet Weather A Few Days Back, I'm not convinced a wall of sandbags, bricks and mounds of rubble will do the job - especially as there are about a thousand more storms building in the Atlantic and heading our way.

My personal favourite is watching the bloke on the news stand in the middle of a town-come-lake with a somber face on, talking about how these devastating floods will have effects that last for many months, and how worried the residents are - followed by a group of worried residents to go rushing past in the background, laughing and shouting and playing in the water, body boarding, riding their bikes through it, and generally having a proper fun time of it.

Of course, I also can't help but think they should be aware that the flood waters are also churning out every flushed poo living in the sewers, mixing them in with all that water... Yum, enjoy your norovirus.

I hate to say it, but this is our doing. I don't mean me and mine - granted we might flush the toilet a lot, but I don't think you can blame us exactly. I mean "OUR" doing, as in, us people. We've cut, and built, and developed, and blocked, and removed, and diverted - all in the name of progress. But with all that progress, no one seemed to take into account what might happen if - like now - things got a little wetter than usual.

And even now, our councils and our governments continue to change their minds about protected land and greenbelt land, and regardless of what us, the people, have to say about it, woods become housing estates. Parks and lakes become housing estates. Forests and Nature Reserves become housing estates. And the water has no where to go.

Another day in science clearly everyone else missed. Water will pretty much go where ever the hell it wants. It's stronger than us, more powerful than us, has the ability to piss people off whether it's falling out the sky or bubbling out the ground or washing around our private parts. People hate it if it's too hot or too cold. Neither us, nor our local leaders, nor our government, nor out planet - none of us can tell water to get stuffed and stop being such a dick. If it wants to come and play in our towns, it bloody well will. If it wants to rearrange the coastline, it'll do that too. If it wants to piss off and dry out your entire country, hell, it'll do that as well. Whatever water does, it's in the wrong. Just think, it wasn't THAT long ago that everyone in the UK was crying out for more water to prevent a hosepipe ban and drought.

Water grants your wish, and you're not happy.

No more news or social media for me for a while.


Gaming Boredom

So, the gaming front has kind of developed a teensy weeny hiccup.

And that hiccup is that very very little is holding my attention. It probably doesn't help that I am knackered, nor does it help that Germs 2 - Revenge of the Germs has struck within ten days of me shaking the last batch, but my point is...


I have a big ol' batch of games installed (you know, like I mentioned just four posts ago), and was getting to grips with another one, but since then, the entertainment-value and enjoyment-factors have both dropped to a big fat zero.
  • Diablo 3, bored.
  • Dragon Age Origins, bored.
  • Electronic Super Joy, bored AND migraine inducing.
  • Half Life 2 (and addons), completed many times, bored.
  • League of Legends, bored AND full of complete f$cktards.
  • Neverwinter, bored.
  • Path of Exile, bored.
  • Portal, stress-inducing and bored.
  • Rift, bored.
  • SimCity, bored but trying a new city.
  • Sims3, ohmygodSObored.
  • World of Warcraft, bored.

So what am I to do? Well, I am considering sticking to SimCity a bit longer, try my Super Ultra Cunning Strategy X plan, but I'm 99.8% confident I will end up fighting to keep the city alive - financially, medically, and literally.

I'm also partly considering picking up my spaceship goggles and jumping back into EvE Online - but I find it difficult to get into EvE too deeply, as often they will say "Right, meet up at 9pm, and we'll do this and that" but I can't commit to that sort of play very often. EvE is not always casual-player friendly.

Diablo 3 has an expansion coming out soon which I am looking forward to, as I've completed that game with every single class on every single difficulty except for Inferno - and not because it was too difficult, but it was just the same thing over and over. And NOW they are changing how the levelling works so you don't have to play it over and over with every class. DOH!

I highly suspect they are dumbing it down, much like WoW has been dumbed down more and more over the last few years.

So what to do?

I could try another game, but that means signing up for another trial, downloading another massive install file, patching another game client for hours on end... I don't especially want to blow money on a game I've not tried - so it either has to be free, or have a trial version. If I like it, I don't mind spending a few quid on it. But I don't want to spend money on something that will suck monkey dangly bits and end up in a draw gathering dust.

I am always up for suggestions, free trials, guest passes or whatever. If you want to suggest something, fire away. As long as it's not boring, doesn't have a learning curve like the north face of the Eiger, doesn't have a community of complete and utter asshats, and doesn't cost my first born, one of my livers and the soul of an innocent, I'm good.

But now in the mean time, I am going to go into SimCity, create 0ddtopia, and destroy the lives of many many innocents.

Because I can.

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