i went shopping today.... that was fun. and i don't mean "i nipped out and got some shopping" i mean we came back with SACKS of stuff... we were out the house before 9am, riding to town in a cab amid the lovely winter weather (hold that thought - i am in england - it's raining and it's windy. the weather sucks - give snow!) and the plan was "get the last xmas gifts, let jaysen spend his birthday money." so - we did the rounds of aaaaall the toystores (fun...) as well as all the stores that had a toy section (equally fun) as well as all the stores that MIGHT have a toy section (still NOT fun). in the end, jaysen made £45 last all day, which was impressive, and he came back with loads of stuff...

but enough about the high levels of fun i have with people stopping in front of me, walking in front of me, walking INTO me then glaring like "you should have telepathically known where i was and where i was going"... did i mention i hate shopping?

on the plus side - i did get a 14" marvin the martian figure that is very cool and now sitting atop the computer... :)

so anyway - jo got her revenge last night. (revenge for what? i hear you newcomers cry... scroll down... bit more... biiiit more... listen to your mum!) it's dark. it's midnight. (this is safe for kids, by the way!) and we're in bed. i am trying to get comfortable, and jo decides i've crossed THAT boundry. all you men know what i mean - that line riiiight down the centre of the bed that the women believe to be the middle. WHERE they learned their math skills is beyond me, but still.... i happened to cross "that line" (i suppose it really IS no man's land!) and jo was like "move over, give me room, i'm falling out of bed" and various other girlie remarks...

as usual - listen to your mum - we started poking and proding and mucking around, despite me saying "i want to sleep, no more, we'll get hurt" and so on... so to get the last word in, she slaps me. not hard, but there was energy in it..


me this time. my thumb. i should mention my thumb had a habit of being dislocated all the fricking time as a kid, so it doesn't take much to do it. she's done it before - walking around the supermarket (did i mention i hate shopping!) holding my thumb, i stop to get something, she carries on... *crack*

back to last night... so - my thumb is sticking out at a nasty angle, and jo is trying to apologise, explain she didn't hit me that hard, and trying not to laugh, while i roll around, trying to not be sick and whimpering like a stuck pig. it hurt. it still hurts. it swelled up, it's still swelled up (yes yes, it should say swollen - sue me). during all this, i know i have to get it back in, so several cracks and crunches (and owie owie roll around don't be sick) later, it's back in, and jo - bless her cottons - is crying, she never meant it, it was an accident, didn't put that much force into it. women... you hurt them - they cry. they hurt you, they cry. either way, it's a one way ticket to guilt-trip-ville when you have one around...

still - thumb is better, sore - but better. jo keeps apologising. and all i wanted was to go to sleep!

can't wait to see what will happen tomorrow!

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