how to kill a day

step one - get up half-drugged (pain killers thank you!) and drink coffee till things cease to spinning. get son ready for school.
step two - take son and neighbours daughter to school through wind-driven rain. if you weren't awake by step one, you are now, and ready to hate mother nature.
step three - after slogging home through afore-mentioned rain (and realising your nike air are no longer "air" and have a puncture, and fart with every step) drink more coffee to raise body temperature above absolute zero.
step three - check mail, read amusing flame wars on various forums. eat crumpets, drink coffee.
step four - notice a post entitled "amusing online game" and check it out.
step five - realise it's dinner time, you are now ranked 2,200 out of 290,000, and feel the power of a well-earned wee wee.
step six - have dinner, and fight the urge to go back to the site to back it into the last thousand.

so here i am. and if you are interested, the game is called Whizzball and is on Discovery Kids webpage.

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