another day done!

well, the day started out earlier than a school day for some reason - some even now before 8pm i am yawning! hehehe

had my little sister over for a few hours. we sat and watched "underworld" - a vampires vs werewolves movie. i believe it got a few iffy reviews, but i enjoyed it - another one to go out and buy!

kids have actually been as good as gold for a change - helping when asked, stopping when asked, being quiet when asked (sort of!).

today is the 14th day since sally the dog was indirectly exposed to parvo virus, and from what we can see, she is fine. actually, i should alter that - judging from the fricking state she is, she is fine. she has been in the garden for 7 minutes, maybe even less than that. our garden looks like the somme on a boggy day, and sally is a white dog. the lower half of her body is covered in thick brown clay-mud. of course, i can't bath her now - she'd end up going to bed with wet fur, and i don't want her getting a chill... she is now laying in her bed looking at me with those big brown eyes trying for sympathy, but there is none from here!

anyways - i am having a nice big southern comfort and coke, finished watching "finding nemo" *again*, the kids are in bed, and the world is my oyster... well, the house anyway! watch a film, hassle people through email, play a game.

yup, life really is filled with busy choices! hehe

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