i'll tell you a funny story.. well, actually, not that funny, but hey ;)

if you notice, and judging by the mails i have been getting from my fanbase of about 4 people, my blog is well out of date. 12th january is the last entry. things have been kinda crazy since then, and being a smart-yet-busy bunny, i had several long documents saved on my palm pc, ready to take them from there and stick them on here.

well, as is usual in my life, i forgot to take into account one thing - my luck! as it happens, week before last i had been using it, put it down when i got a low battery warning and, kinda... forgot it. turned it on this morning - battery was too low to hold the memory. lost all the documents. joy!

so, three weeks of info, squeezed into a few lines:

three weeks ago: bethy was poorly, and as usual when she gets sick, she ended up in hospital, and was REALLY poorly. we (us AND the doctors) we more worried about bacterial endocardiutus, which is a nasty sickness that effects heart kids in all the wrong ways. so she had several tests which thankfully came up negative. we were considering going to Guys Hospital in london when the little moo did a 180 and was happy as a pig in shi... mud. they sent her home the next day.

two weeks ago: the schools had their half-term holiday, just a week off to split the term into smaller chunks. the weather wasn't too shabby, so we planned going to the forest, out to the park, off to see the relatives... day two of the holidays, and i get knocked for six with a bug. i was sooo ill, it wasn't even funny. first it was a cold, that rapidly became the flu (ManFlu - so much worse than GirlieFlu!). then it moves into my throat and sinuses. then it moved into my chest (while remaining in all the afore-mentioned places). long and short - i spent ten days hacking, coughing, and feeling very sorry for myself - my pc didn't even get switched on!

one week ago: well, less than that really! the last few days seem to have been manic for some reason. jo is away this weekend, so it's just going to be me and the squids, and as ever, i am coming down with another cold - i am always poorly when jo goes away (it's that sods law thing again!), and it looks like jo will be sick as well - not that it will stop her!

other than that... jo's younger brother greg has had a crappy week - he got a puppy, which quickly developed parvo virus and died :( poor little thing. of course, the upshot of this is that we are now watching sally like a hawk in case SHE starts showing signs of getting it. as far as we know, she's had all her shots, but we were told she had a microchip when we got her and she didn't. first sign of the lurgie, and she's off to the vet. she seems ok - stoopid as ever, charging around and ruling the house (until the cats put her in her place!), but we'll see.

and other than that and that - one of our best friends on the internet - Shannon and Amy - are expecting their first child (a little girl!), so go go you guys! of course, shannon has nooo idea what to expect, and i think i will let him find out of his own accord - just so amy doesn't have her fun spoiled! hehehe they live somewhere in america (ok, new england!) and we've known them for years, and got a chance to meet them last year. crazy stuff, both nuttier than squirrel crap!

anyways - hopefully i can now get this back to a regular thing! ta ta

EDIT: it occurs to me after a mug of coffee that Jan 12th to Mar 2nd is NOT three weeks. I have noooo idea what I did in January now, so tough nanas! hehe

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