the joy of glasses!

here's an interesting little dilemma i went through today. for no reason other than my usual luck, one of the lenses of my specs took a dive! popped right out, and a screw fell out with it. how i managed to catch both is beyond me, and for a few hours i walked around doing my mole-impressions - squinting at pretty much everything. i gave up after a while and called jo's older brother who has a set of spectacles screw drivers.

i've just spent the best part of an hour trying to get the minute fricking screw into the teeny hole in the glasses while trying to hold the lens in place at the same time. not usually that hard, but consider this - i wear glasses so i can see teeny things - so how the bloody hell am i supposed to get mini-screw into mini-hole (please get your mind out the gutter!).

well, i managed it - needed a coffee and some paracetamol because it was a NIGHTMARE! hehehehe

had a busy few days though... been slaving over and have the pbem section finished finally - i still can't believe how much stuff i have on there! everything mounts up over the years - me and jo started the world as a past-time for running our D&D games, and it kinda grew to what it is today, and is still growing! next step is to get the zombie site with a bit more information on it - got the very basic basics on there, but still need more on there.

of course, the downside to all this means i've done bugger-all else anywhere else. i've finally finished catching up on my mails (and posted!), not to mention i've got to get a load of housework done tomorrow. jo splurged through on thursday, but it's kinda gone to the house-post-bomb look again!

had an interesting situation with sinny the cat from hell... friday afternoon, we lost all sign of her. usually she spends the day sleeping on the jaysens bed, recharging her batteries so she can spend the following night tearing my feet and legs apart under the duvet. so - we can't find her anywhere... friday evening - no sign. friday night at cat chow time - no sign of her. we spend about an hour looking for the little sod, but can only assume she has gone out the kitchen window. so - lock the back windows, open the small window and hope she comes in over night.

saturday morning - no sign of her, so me starts to worry. jo had to take the kids out saturday, and i had to go sort out grants computer (never let him fix anything from a calculator to a computer!). later that day we get in, and there sits sinny, glaring at us with a "do you know what i've been through look." the most strange thing - rather things - about her... the usually black and white cat is now black and mucky brown, and the usually cat-smelling cat now smells like a ford engine - dirty and oily.

all we can figure is she had managed to get herself locked in a garage over night, and spent it wallowing in muck!

course, we had the last laugh... if you never seen a cat in the shower, or seen a completely soaked cat, you have not lived! hehehehehehe

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