she's home!

home again - left home this morning at 5.20am, got to guys at about 6.30am, and they rushed around - got a line in first try, got an xray, and then her hunger pains were distracted by an hour and a half of the hospital preschool.

she went down to the MRI Unit at about 1130am, where I held her when they gave her the general - i STILL hate it - one minute she is smiling and bubbly, the next her eyes rolled back and she fell silent :(

killed the two hours she was down there with a book i don't really remember reading and a coffee, and then went down when she was out... she was not a happy camper coming out of the general, crying, and a very sore throat from the breathing pipes. took her half an hour to settle, and she flaked out on me, and stayed asleep for a few hours.

her body ALMOST decided to have a reaction - her temperature hit 38.7 and her legs went puffy, but after half an hour and some fluids (drink and drip) she calmed down again... after devouring a macdonalds Happy Meal at 4pm, she was discharged at 5.30pm.... Jo's parents came to get us, and after slogging home through rush hour london traffic, we're home just before 8.30pm.

she's fine - still got a sore throat and is hungry still - but is back to herself. I feel like I've been up there for more than a single day, but that's hospital time for you!

only other item of note - we shared the ward with a UK celebrity, Ulrika Jonnson (or however you spell it!), which was interesting.

on the flip side, we've been told that we could find out the results by the end of next week, and as there is no waiting list for Pediatric Heart Surgery, she COULD have her next stage (The Fontan) in 3-4 WEEKS. so, we shall see what happens with that!

thanks for the mails and text messages - i think they held the nasties at bay for a change!

now to eat, drink then sleep!

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