pwetty poota

well, never got onto daoc - bethy has been up and down and has just finally (@ 23.10) fallen asleep in her buggy beside me.

so, in the spirit of doing stuff that didn't mean people depended on me (the life of a paladin) i decided to continue with one of my favorite past-times - changing my desktop.

not one to do anything easyily, i downloaded a little jobby called Object Dock which basically replaces the windows start bar, making my desktop look huuuuge!

so - my desktop went from THIS to THIS!

ok, yes, i appreciate most people don't give a toss, and you might think my desktop image is crap, but i dun care!

and on the subject of new desks - i honestly can't remember if i mentioned it or not, but after going from a dinner table, to a tiddly workstation to a desk, i have finally completed my journey in desk-hood-dom. FEAR MY MASSIVELY OVERSIDE CORNER DESK! i have to say, it does look the dogs danglys, complete with a dozen junk holes, a draw, shelves, nooks and crannies galore and plenty of leg room! i feel like a real man now... hehehehe

if i can find a piccy (hell, i'll just photograph it tomorrow!) i will show you my new uber-ness.

hmmm, nearly 23.30 - so much for the early night... guess i shouldn't blatter on so much! hehe night!

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