ok, quiet day of yesterday failed horribly... we ended up going shopping, had lunch out, bought various bits and bobs we needed, then wandered around trying to find a DAoC add-on (we started playing again on tuesday!). in the end we got jo's sister-in-law to ride across town on her scooter to get it, but talk about a mission!

added to this, yesterday afternoon jo's parents gave us their old dinner table which is spiffy and very nice! THEN our neighbours came over to tell us their two 2-seater sofa's were going to the dump unless we wanted them! so - already knowing that they are only a year old and veeeery comfortable - we had them too! yesterday we dismantled our old dinner table, lugged in the new one (plus four chairs!), then had to go next door and carry their sofas down (their house is sooo nice we were extra careful!) across the front of the houses and then up to the lounge. job done - kinda.

we realised that our existing sofa was winched up to the second floor as it didn't fit up the stairs. so cue much pushing, shoving, thumping, a badly bruised finger of jo's and then out onto the balcony. using my cunning knowledge of gravity, i hefted the sofa at an angle to avoid the fence, and TADAH! didn't kill or injure anyone, and even got the sofa down in one lump (for what it's worth!!).

so yesterdays "day of doing bugger all" became a day of "doing pretty much everything i wanted to avoid!"

anyways - jo has gone away for the weekend this afternoon, leaving me with the monsters. they are being good so far, a few "i want mummy" tears, but that's about it. they are fed and ready for bed (and it's only 17.45!) and i am about to make myself the cunilary delight that is heinz tomato soup and some toast. plus a mug of tea. i CAN cook, but when it's just me, i can't be arsed (don't worry - the kids had some of their shaped/coloured/flavoured chicken things, some mash, plus beans for bethy/spagetti hoops for jaysen!). come 7pm ish they will go to bed and i can sit down and chill out (he says as bethy screams LEAVE IT ALONE upstairs). the phone will be ignored, the music will go up and i will entertain myself either killing monsters on the computer, watching a dvd (and duh, the music will go off!) and having something alkafrolic.

of course, if my plans tonight are anything like my plans yesterday, i am likely to end up running around till i collapse, and the kids will piss around till midnight. hehe we shall see!

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