oooh look at the time...

hmmm, can't remember if it shows MY time actually - it's gone 1am, and i've been to be and given up already.  marvellous.  gotta love insomnia (again).
went to bed at about 1030pm - not tired.  tried to watch a movie - got bored.  tried reading a book - got bored.  tried going to sleep - not happening.  so, i decided for the tried and true method of a pint of hot milk and some pain killers, see if that does the job.  been up now for, hmm, an hour?  ish? eyes starting to feel kinda droopy.
anyways, jo came home today, so all is good in the world again, even if she is stained with food-colouring (duh, how else do you make fake blood!), so she looks like she slept in the sun too long!  despite dealing with little sods - jaysen made a miraclous recovery mid-day saturday - i managed to cook a complete roast dinner to perfection - the kind of dinner i cook guests... fill them up and send them away! hehehe
hmmm, kinda boring at this time of the day.  er, night.  morning.  whatever.  though i can hear a bird (a thrush i believe!) singing it's heart out.  i KNOW sunrise ain't for hours, but he sounds like such a happy little bird.  of course, he's probably lost and calling for his mum, so maybe he's not so joyous.
eh, rambling... bed time.  high-ho silver, away!

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