Another One (and several more!) Done!

So, my sister managed to call me on her lunchbreak - she works in London again and doesn't get to slack as much as others, and she was really happy at being an Aunt again.

That just leaves my Dad and the Grandparents (soon to be Great-Grandparents again!) to call later today.

Added to that, I also sent all my random friends across the country a message to let the know - the messages are slowly trickling to my mobile, so it's all good. So - I THINK that is everyone. Of course, no doubt in the coming days or weeks I will get a message out of the blue with an indignant "You never told me!", but such is life. Thanks to my pills, I struggle to remember my postcode and home phone number some days, so it's all fun.

And it looks like one of the old girls is trying to rally up support against my age-ist comments. Think it's a case of "The Truth Hurts" more than anything... hehehe

Poor old (hehe OLD) Suze...

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