well, enough is enough in the garden for one week i think. i was out there again at 8am today, painting the fence. it was bare wood before, and is now a deep green colour - almost brown as far as I can see - and it looks bloody excellent. i've tied up a couple of plants so they are not all over the place, and they deserve some kind of medal. they've never been cared for really, never looked after, no plant food, not watered. i feel quite bad for them - one of them wasn't even planted when we moved here, so after planting it back in Feb 2001, it's now about five feet tall!

anyways - our left fence is eight panels long, and at 1hr 45mins per panel, i am officially KNACKERED after doing just three of them. going to take the rest of the day off (rather, we're going to go see Amber so i can sort her computer out!). tomorrow i will probably buy some more tins of the paint-stuff, and then jo's younger brother greg will give me a hand. it's a messy job mind you - i am covered in green blobs and look like i have the bubonic plague coming!

to make things worse, england being england, is trying to rain on me. BUT i wasn't giving up - i carried on going cursing mother nature. it's probably her revenge for me burying all her plants, but i don't give a crap!!

other than that - phone calls to hospitals have been made, and we're just waiting on calls back or letters with rushed appointments for scans. and i can't believe how many emails we've had with congrats and good thoughts and prayers. strange - in person i am a really shy person, don't like talking to people i don't know, but on here - i suppose i have a monitor and keyboard to hide behind. since bethany was diagnosed in utero with all her problems, i've spoken to so many people and gotten to know them and their families, where they live, their fears and dreams - but can count the number of them i have met on one hand. it makes me stop and think sometimes, how a few nice words here and a quick hello there can make a persons day.

so thank you, be you on the heart support groups, or on the many dungeons & dragons lists i am on - your friendship and emails make it all worth while.

oh, and incidently - here is another countdown timer for the most important date this year - my birthday!!

I am sooo thoughtful! Who the code MASTER!

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