ok, so i didn't wake up till gone 10am this morning, which is never a good thing, and i've woken up feeling like crap. sore throat, but a bitching headache mostly. it looks like whatever jo is getting, she has decided to share it with me already. and of course, getting up late, means the kids are up, which means that they've made breakfast, which means there is no more milk, which means no morning coffee!! now, i can drink strong black coffee, but it' not a favorite - so i will probably have to make do with herbal tea! ho hum.

and of course, there's the Three Old Hens. the three old hens are a small number of old girls that i know that i constantly give a hard time - usually about their age. did i mention they are old? anyway - they decided to try and flood my inbox last night, but only managed 30-40 messages, and they tried to flood my various messenger softwares. what they don't realise is that 30-40 mails is a drop in an ocean, and that my messenger software can handle being flooded - especially as one of them isn't on my list, i had a single box from her that read "User not on list - message not delivered" hehehehe tis an easy life.

they are also scouring their computers for pictures of me in a toga. many years ago, we all (that is, my mob - not the three old hens) went to a games convention and got very drunk. so, one of our days was spent if very attractive light-green togas. the sheets we used were light green, so we didn't have a choice. anyways - none of the others wanted to be photographed, but me and my friend nathan - we KNOW we're sexy, so we decided to pose for the world...

how sexy do we look. of course, the three old hens believe that having these pictures in their possession will mean that they can blackmail me! HA! these have been in a couple of GenCon magazines, plus they were on my old webpage for aaaages, plus they were on the CHD-UK list i run - so they are not new images.

of course, i don't even know if the three old hens read this blog - if not, it's their loss... after all, they seem desperate to have pictures of me in such a state. infactuation - that must be it!!

and of course, they've not seen the pictures of me and nathan dressed as very sexy women...

[Edit: You know, it occurs to me that these pictures are six or seven years old! hehe]

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3 Responses to “hmmmm”

Anonymous said...

actually the "old hens" dont normally
but one of their children does
ya know the kids you wont let visit?


Dan said...

hehehe They can come visit - just don't expect them to be any better when they come back! one be a beer monster, the other will learn to appreciate the different spirits out there...

alcohol - controlling kids for decades!

Dan said...

For the record - I had to resize these images as they were messing with the template. If you want the full-glory of me in a sheet, let me know!!