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ok - short, quick, dirty and to the point...

Jodie is preggers!!

We - rather SHE - have suspected for a couple of weeks. You might note in my previous entries that "Jo is poorly" or "Jo is coming down with something"... Well that something is baby, and knowing Jo, it will be a WHOLE lot of baby!

Nerves? Oooh yes. After the miscarriage (spelt wrong I know, but hey ;) of last September, we're a litte bit nervous, plus with the whole "Bethany" scenario, we are a bit jittery. We've had lots of conversations - you know the sort, laying in bed at 2am talking in the dark - what if this, what if that - but have decided the good of everything far outweighs the bad. If there are heart problems again, so be it - we're not running in blind this time around. I'm not saying we won't be worried and going out of our minds with stress - but at least this time we're informed.

So, from here on in we're just taking everything one step at a time. Names have been chosen: Callie (Callendra) for a girl, and Zack (Zachary/Zachery) for a boy. Would love another little boy - I felt fine doing Jaysen's nappy when he was a baby, but Bethy - very odd changing a little girl!! Whatever - girl or boy - I don't care!

So yes, excited even though Jodie is only 6 weeks and 6 days, and amused as her "estimated due date" is April 8th 2005, which is Jodies birthday! Maybe I can get out of giving her a birthday present - "But honey, I gave it to you nine months ago - it was early! You just decided not to open it till today!" And after all, she will be so big, there's not a lot she can do about it! hehehe And being a girl, she can't throw for crap!

Blimey my hands are cold, and there's that familiar tickling feeling in my tummy. Nerves, Excitement, Worry, stepping into the Unknown. Unfortinately (spelt wrong also, but who cares!) Jo is currently suffering from more than Morning Sickness. Morning Sickness is there, but so is the Elevensies Sickness, Lunchtime Sickness, Early Afternoon Sickness, Evening Sickness, Middle of the Night Sickness - did I mention she's sick? With Jaysen and Bethany she had 24/7 sickness for the first 30 weeks - but hey - the toilet was sparkling clean! hehehe Granny Smith apples and Ginger Nut biscuits seemed to help a LOT, but they never stopped it.

So - as of last Tuesday, Jo is offically on light duties. NO cat litter tray cleaning, no garden cleaning, no decorating - SuperDan to the rescue once again. I am sooo jittery!

Anyways - I will post more as and when I know more. We've got to arrange scans all over the place, plus the garden is mid-way through being redone, so it's all go go go here as ever!

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