a multitude of nowt!

let's see... got completely sick of waking up and realising that it was lunch time, so decided "that's it" (in as manly a manner as i could muster!) and set the alarm for 8.30am. went to bed at midnight, mind running laps around nothing as it usually does, 1am, 2am... I WILL go to sleep and I WILL get up at 8.30.

7.35am i wake up and as much as i want to go back to sleep (soooo comfy) i drag myself up and down the stairs. check the heart list mails as there are looooads of game mails. just check these, then start housework. finish checking, send some replies, get up, reach for the broom - ding dong - someone messages me. "just check, case it's important" and I see my friend Nancy who I've not chatted to for ages, so i figure "just a while".

so, an hour and a half later (oopsie) i decide to get cracking on. sweeping, hoovering, washing up, get some laundry going, get the kids dragging their toys BACK to their bedroom.. shower time!

now, i love to shower - i can't bath because bathing is for girls, i don't have internet access in there, and i love my new shampoo/conditioner (yes, i am a tart!) and shower gel is sooo nice! if you can get it, look for the Original Source mint & tea tree shampoo, mint conditioner and mint & tea tree shower gel.

yes, i smell like a packet of chewing gum, BUT it makes you all tingly and cold! hehehe it's soooo nice - i have stacks of the stuff, so i had better like it i suppose!

and now - my bloody messenger software is running overtime!! i've not had it installed since the last time i rebuilt my computer, and people are slowly realising that it is in fact me on there, and that i am in fact not dead/missing/hiding/hibernating, and have started messaging me!!

of course, most of the people on there are in america, and log on when i am fast asleep - so i wake up with an army of messages from people that leave half a dozen messages, then log off - so i reply with an offline message, they log on at 3am my time, reply to it - takes four days to say "hi! Hi! how are you? We're fine, how are you?" niiightmare!

so - house and dan are clean and tidy - now for the clothes... hmmmmmmm

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