sleepless in basildon!

Well, I did sleep on and off, but my mind was racing. I just don't think I can make it to April! I kept thinking what needs to be done, what needs to be bought, what needs to be changed - it's a mission, and I seem to have forgotten how much was involved. You'd think a guy would learn eh?! So - I've decided that before the Tiddler gets here, I am going to redecorate the entire house. Get the garden done in a week or so, then the bedrooms, then the living room, then the kitchen, and finish on the Hall/Stairs/Landing/Stairs/Landing.

And it occurs to me that one of the kids are going to end up "doubling up". We're currently mid-way through moving the bedrooms around, one for Jaysen, one for Bethy, but now we're going to need to re-arrange them again. Of course - we probably won't know for a long time if it's a boy or girl on the way either - but we can deal with that as it comes! When Jaysen was expected, the scan showed clear as day he was a boy - legs akimbo showing his wares to the sonographer! When Bethy was expected, she did not want to show anything. One said boy, one said girl - we didn't know till the doctor proclaimed her to be of the genus Femalius Evilus. So now we have to wait and see.

Have soooo much to do today. Have to arrange an early scan to make sure all is well in WombTown at the local hospital, have to call Guys Fetal Cardiology and arrange some scans for them to make sure all is well in HeartsVille, have to paint the fences and the shed, have to clear up the house, vacuum, wash up, do some laundry.

Like I said, I am never ever going to make it to April!!

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