Lovely Day...

Gusting winds, pouring rain... Wonderful!

Not a problem really - got enough to do in the house to keep be busy. Pissed off with the bank - our Debit Cards expire next month, but not only did we get new cards this morning, they sent us cards that something like 5% of stores in the country accept. Great. Considering how often we use them, we were pissed. And don't even ASK about online shopping - no bastard online takes them! So I called them this morning and was basically told "We changed card types (duh) so, like it or lump it". Fair enough - just checking a few banks to see what they offer, and as soon as it's done, bye bye Halifax PLC!

Ooooh the sun just came out.... Heh :)

Still - Jo was a busy little girlie yesterday - she got every single present wrapped and labelled. Which pleased me no end as I hate gift-wrapping. We now have a mountain of parcels to dish out to friends and family. I can't believe how close Xmas is - less than 9 days! The kids are getting excited, but that could be on account of the Advent Calendar they open every morning for the chocolate!

Aside from all the fresh stuff, we have got everything for Xmas Day now - one of the fridge freezers is completely full, and there is space in the other fridge for the rest (I hope!). As for drinks - my my my - I don't have anywhere to put it. Our hallway is full of beer cases, lager, stout, wines, spirits, soft drinks - looks like a drinking convention! hehehe

The transition from Internet Explorer & Outlook Express is now complete, and I am completely hooked on Firefox and Thunderbird. Had a few issues, and have to re-sort my Ad-Blocking lists, but other than that, it's great. Now I've got Trillian reinstalled, I feel that I am once again complete! Woke up to a flood of "Hello Stranger" and "Where you been" messages, not to mention some girl messaging me out of the blue. Meh - I don't mind getting messages from strangers! Means there is someone out there that thinks I am interesting! hehehe

Other than that, I've been messing with Visual Styles and Wallpaper for my desktop once again! You can see the new desktop with the link on the right, or by clicking here! Of course, I am sure 99% of women looking at it will not be impressed, but I think it's great! hehehe

Still - with Jo being preggers now, we've discovered she can no longer wash up. Nothing to do with getting tired, nothing to do with getting aches and pains - when she stands in front of the sink, she can't actually reach it! hehehehehe The bump is so big, she struggles to reach the sink. Hilarious.

Funny - every time I make a "fat" comment, I get smacked... Can't think why!

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