Stuff :)

So, this time 6 years ago, Jodie was starting the recovery from her first C-Section, and Jaysen was a small pink lump beside her. I can't believe he is six today! Playstation, TV, BeyBlades - he made out like a bandit, and there are more pressies coming.

Got a long day ahead of us. First off, we're heading out to see The Incredibles which he wants to see. After that, we're going to Playtopia - a massive soft-play area. And after THAT, we're going to MacDonalds to boost his fat levels!! Should be amusing!

Also, this time TWO years ago, we had just taken Bethany down to the pre-op room for her heart surgery. Odd, the weather is about 900% better today - London was just fog-central, and we wandered the streets to keep ourselves busy.

Funny, from the wierd little pink lump, to a six year old boy who is currently behind me deciding on what he wants his super-power to be!

Now I should get dressed!

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