So, yesterday morning, I decide to be a bit more on the ball than usual and pay some bills, starting with the TV/Telephone bill...

Imagine my surprise when the bank sends me a notification mail that I have authorised two payments to the company... So, thinking the bank was wrong, I log in to check my payment screen...

See those last two payments? The £75.89, that's the one I made intentionally... Of course, their server decided to bill me an ADDITIONAL £156.68. Three screaming phone calls and a shitty letter later, they are going to be crediting the £156 back... NEXT WEEK!

Cheeky shites. I called the bank, but as it shows as a "Customer Authorised Payment" they can't do anything about it by law! Telewest on the other hand gave me three different answers (including, amusingly, "You haven't made ANY payments in the last 3 weeks!"), and then I had to send a really stroppy email to them in order to get the m to call me back.

Luckily, the guy I had was friendly, helpful and apologetic, even if he can't sort it till Monday... But ooooh I was so mad!!

We've decided that next month we're going to ditch their TV service and go to Sky. Bit cheaper, more channels and some decent deals for a change :) Screw changing the phone line to someone else though!

Ahhhh stress... I thrive on it!

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