Back, again...

Well, as I said elsewhere, I am once again going to start blogging here to keep th' old grey matter ticking over. As it says up the top there, we lost our daughter, Bethy, in February. I'm not going into details here, but I might do in the coming weeks, months, years... When I feel like I can, you know.

So, me. Us. The Family, as it were. Well, first off there's me. That's me, top-right of this page. Sexy devil or what! I'm 29 going on 60, tall, fat and have the spine of a road-kill ferret. Like most animals, I have my own defence mechanism, but mine seems to roll in the "Taking the Piss" and "Mega-Sarcasm" side of things. Hey, it keeps people entertained... Oh, and I am an accident-prone klutz, and a complete geek to boot. Go me!

Then there is the little lady, Jodie. Or as I like to call her "Oy, wench". Granted, it usually earns me a smack in the face, but you know... Like most of her kind, she doesn't show up on film, or reflect in mirrors, so you will have to believe me when I tell you she does exist. She likes to go Live Role Playing - think of Lord of the Rings, but with real people and safe (Ish) weapons. Oh, she wears a beard when she does it too. She, like me, is a complete geek, which is even MORE geeky considering she's a female.

Did I mention I can be a sexist pig? No? Meh.

Kids - well, the oldest is Jaysen - he will be 7 on 11th December, but I am sure he's got a leak in his "Teenage Hormones" gland at the moment! He likes to think he is right, and can do what he likes, and then wonders why he's missing dessert, going to bed early, or receiving other punishments. Oddly, he is like me and Jo, in that he is a geek. I think my sperm are geeky... Still, he's the head Computer Monitor at school, helping the other students with their computer problems. He's a smart ass as well (From his mothers side) and is in an advanced Reading and Writing class, as well as being one of the top students in his year. They grow so fast *sniff*

Then there is the new family member, Tamsyn. She was born in March, exactly one month after we lost Bethy - talk about your stressful pregnancies. She is a little livewire, refuses anything that resembles a nap or quiet time, and likes to do stuff! At seven months, she said Mumma! and hasn't shut up since, says what sounds very much like buuuuga (bugger.... I know, I know... click that link and scroll down the page in case you're not sure why it's such a bad word!) because we call her Bug-A-Lug for no real reason, which we've NOW been told sounds more like Bugger-Lug. Oops. Also at seven months, she decided she doesn't need to hold on to anything when wandering around the furniture, and can now just stand in one place, completely balanced. She can't walk yet, but she stands like the best of them! hehe

Then, added to all this, there is the dog - Sally, some cats - all little shits, and some goldfish who are probably the most well-behaved creatures I own.

And then there are the computers. After all, a houseful of geeks, what else would we do. We LIVE on our computers, playing games, browsing the web and generally keeping busy.

So, for the first post in 9-10 months, I figured I'd recap/explain about us. No doubt the ranting will start in the coming days... hehe

Edit: Yes, yes, I WILL be uploading pictures of people - well, except me, and except Jo (who still doesn't come out on film), so yes, there will be new pictures of Jaysen and Tamsyn... at some point... Probably. For those that want to see older pictures of Tam - ie, from the moment she was born onwards - then you can Visit This Page!

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