So, I'm actually up in bed at the moment as I feel like crap once more. I was left in bed this morning to sleep, but still managed to wake up by 9am. So much for a long lay in. Had a pretty late night (for me, especially of late) but was still up and down all night. Jo was up even later than me playing WoW which she is once again addicted to!

So, here I am in bed, using the laptop (because I can) and thought I'd check my site stats for the blog since I reuploaded it all. Well, nearly 300 hits in two and a half days - I am impressed! And that's new visitors, coming for the first time - not including repeat visits. Including everyone except me that has been looking at this site, I've had nearly 500 hits! Most of the the visitors are Americans, followed by the Brits then Canada, Australia, Sweden and the Phillipines!

So thanks to all of you :) Knowing there are people reading just makes me want to update more! hehehe

Anyways, I plonked down stairs this morning and kinda just sat. I played WoW for a while, saved some lives, killed some idiot repeatedly for preying on the weak - usual time on there really ;) Then tiredness kicked in, and despite hating to lay down during the day, here I am - makes your arms ache to type while laying on your front!

And if any of you lot out there happen to play Warcraft on the Euro Servers, give me a shout - I live on the Roleplaying Server, Argent Dawn.

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