Classical Music...

Really, there are some things in the world that shouldn't be allowed, this being one of them.

It seems some people are not seeing the above movie. I suspect it has something to do with their version of Flash/Shockwave, but have no idea as to the whys/wherefors, so you can go see the sheep Here!

Would you believe this is pegged to be a #1 hit for Xmas over here in England? Just... Wow.

Hey, look at me and my bad self putting Shockwave stuff into my posts! I rock! Now, for those of you not of a British persuasion, and that have yet to have the fun that is Crazy Frog... Watch this space...... *shudder*

Edit: You know what, I'm not going to stoop to putting *that* frog on my blog. Singing goats, fair enough, but HIM. Ooooh no. If you want to see it, apparently it's heading to America on This Site.

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