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So, yesterday, Jaysen was seven. Blimey. We sat there just after midnight on Sunday (He was born 12.09) thinking about when he was born. Obviously, first child, so first pregnancy, labour, inducement - everything was new. Jaysen decided he didn't want to come out of Jo, so after her due date passed, +10 days (I kid yea not), the dragged her in on a Wednesday afterno0n to induce her.

Now, I should add, Jo was HUGE, she couldn't move, she could hardly walk, could balance a dinner plate and a pint-glass on the bump. Jaysen was Mr Energetic and never sat still for more than five minutes (funny how some things never change...) By six months, people thought she was ready to drop. We went to Italy when she was six month, and laying on the beach, people were trying to roll her back into the Med. hehe

So - she was taken in on the Wednesday, and that evening given some gloop to start contractions. "He'll be out by lunch time" the Midwife told me. "Go home get some sleep." So for the first time, Jo slept in one place and I slept somewhere else. Touching eh. I got a call at about 1am from her "Oooowie the contractions have started, but still a long way apart." Excellent stuff. My bag was ready - I could be at the hospital within 10 minutes.

So, dawn comes, 8am comes, and I get to the hospital and am met by Miss Contraction 1998. Quite amusing to have a conversation punctuated by swearing. Again - funny how some things never change ;) ALL of Thursday is Jo in labour. Jaysen is squirming within, and doctors and nurses are telling us "Maybe soon". Of course, I know NOW that not one of the buggers had a clue - not a single one of them knew what they were saying. Morning we were told "Around lunchtime", lunchtime became "Early Afternoon", then "Late Afternoon" and so on. Jo moved from Gas & Air to Pethadine to a full blow Epidural. I wont go into the stoned conversations we had while she was on the pethadine+gas, but ooooh how amusing.

Come the evening, we've got monitors all over the place, a nurse keeping constant watch, they've burst the sack in a torrent of water (And I do mean, torrent), still no Jaysen. Come 10pm, they start worrying - Jaysen is now showing signs of an unhappy baby (We're at 24 hours of labour here...) and they realise Mummy and Daddy are also getting less than impressed. They start muttering the words "C-Section" but still nothing happens.

Finally, just before Midnight, they realise Jaysen is now distressed and has to come out NOW. So they get Jo's dressing gown on, hand me the gas cannister, and get Jo UP to WALK down to the theatre. Yes, Walk. Down two flights of stairs, while I lug her Gas behind her.

Fifteen minutes later, someone hands me this gooey lump that we name Jaysen, and the 26 hours of labour vanish. Jo passes out, and I get my cuddles in. Go Dad.

And now, he's seven.

So, despite Jodie telling everyone his birthday was Saturday, we went out over the weekend, took him and some friends to see The Chronicals of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. Stunning film, totally amazing and well done, and I hang my head in shame when I realise I've never read the books, nor did I see the original television series. I'm getting the books anyway, just to get up to date and see how different the film is to the books. Still, Jaysen made out like a complete bandit, boxes of toys, games, computer stuff, hand held games, jacked up on sugar - you know, birthday stuff.

And yet, 11th December is not without it's low points. 11th December, 2001, Bethany had her first series of Open Heart Surgery, a Glenn Shunt that, despite a few hiccups, went perfectly. Jaysen's 3rd Birthday, we sat in a waiting room in Guys Hospital, waiting to see what would happen...

Anyways, me (Well, it is my blog). I finally fell out of bed and stayed out on Friday afternoon, got up as normal Saturday and Sunday and here I am about to take Jaysen and Ashley to school. I still feel crappy, but when you've been in bed for a week, people see you up and guess you're all better. Meh. I'll get in and do housework, and knowing my luck will knacker myself out by lunchtime.

And for those overseas wondering about the explosion in Hemel Hempstead, yes, we're all fine, all safe, and all happy - though the cloud might head our way - Yay Asthama - we just have to wait and see. Check out BBC News or Sky News for more info, but I found these pictures... Wow.

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