And Suddenly...

..It's 3pm.

So, Tam nodded off around half three, four o clock ish, and I stayed up. Didn't even nod off, until it got to 9am (and I had been playing Jo's character in WoW all night) and it hit me.

I needed the loo.

So, I decided Jo had slept enough, trudged upstairs with Tam and kicked her awake. She'd had a crap night and didn't sleep much either, but there you go ;) After the call of nature was answered, I flopped on the bed with Jo for five minutes, intent on getting showered and keeping busy all day, and then, whoosh! It's 3pm.

So in an effort to keep awake, I'm drinking tea, trying to ignore Jo watching Buffy (which WILL help me sleep, though not as bad Charmed), and going through my bookmarks trying to find something to keep me amused...

  • IP Spotting - OK, my IP address sucks and only scored 4.
  • Geeks #1 - Always makes me chuckle - and the sort of thing Jo does every few months!
  • Geeks #2 - D&D Players are NOT all like this!
  • Google Earth - Yes, linked it before, but hey - more fun than a barrel of monkeys throwing poo!
  • - Buckets of online games, some great, some pants!
You know, I'm sitting here staring trying to think of fun stuff - I might even have posted some of that more than once, but meh ;) There are other posts on my blog of "Things to Do" here and here.

I'm also adding some blogs to the links on the right that I've started reading and harressing the authors. I'm not one of these people that find a blog and leave a comment like "Cool blog, read mine at *this site*", as that (to me) is akin to spamming. I'll read a blog, and if I like it, leave a comment - if people want to follow me back to mine, all well and good, but it's their option, not me trying to force hits.

So howdy to the people that find me here!

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