What can I say? Seriously, the outpouring of support today has (again) been incredible. I've had people I've known since day one messaging me, right through to people that have never spoken to us, even people that just stumbled onto the blog. Amazing.

The lists have been filled with love for us and for Bethy, and the grief out there is incredible. For those that I upset with my very long winded mail, I am really sorry. I know I cried as I wrote it, but I HAD to write it. It has been rattling around inside me for a week, and I started it yesterday but needed a break. I added to it this morning and went with it.

If I could ask one thing of you all; Don't be sad. Bethy is having so much fun where ever she is, and one day, we'll be together again and will give out lots of hugs and cuddles to anyone that wants them, the little Hugging Beast that she is. Granted, I have been sad today, but for the most part, I have been thinking of her and smiling. She would so want you to do the same - smile.

Today was fairly normal for the most part. Jaysen went to school, Jo had a lay in, Tam spent the morning trashing me and my desk. We decided to make a big 'ol pot of homemade soup - took hours to make but it was sooo worth it. And, as today is Bethy's day, I made the worlds supply of pancakes - the Little Moo loved her pancakes and would eat them till she was ready to burst, covered in golden syrup like a mechanical sticky beast.

And this evening, we watched a couple of DVDs once Jaysen was in bed, while Tam has destroyed my desk once more and is currently trying to pull her tights off. So we're having an early night. It's been a long day, and I think an early night is a good idea.

So once more, thank you all for your love, your messages and your support. I don't know how I would have made it through this year without any of you.

Oh, and thanks for hammering my blog! I usually get 30-100 visits over 24 hours... The total since this morning is currently 415! My bar chart is going mad! So thank you for that too!

And remember - SMILE!

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