All Fun and Games

OK, it's not, but meh ;)

Let's see. Tam decided to spend night-before-last up the whole time being sick, but thankfully, as it was a school night, Jo took her off to the sofa and sat up with her while I slept. Of course, changing the sheets in the middle of the night while doped up on drugs - not amusing.

Tam got better by yesterday morning, so she was on me all day while Jo slept. Come about half one she was back to her usual self, and I know this as she grabbed at the cut on my nose and tore out one of my stitches. Ripped it straight out.

I was a real man though, and didn't swear. I bled an awful lot, but I didn't swear! From what I can tell, the worst of it is joined still and this morning it all held together, so there is no way in hell I am going to get it restitched. I either get needles for local anaesthetic then needles for stitches, or I get needles for stitches. Either way, there are far too many needles involved, so I will leave it be.

One of my friends told me that it's fine as "chick dig scars", and she might be on to something. Of course, I pointed out to her that if the scar is attached to an ugly pig, it kinda nullifies it ;) Also, If I wear shorts and a teeshirt, I have about 18 scars visible, and the girls aren't falling over me! hehehehe

Hmmm tangent.

Anyways, aside from my face still being rather sore (and increasingly so since yesterday), and the headache still lingering, things are pretty quiet. I can't get used to not wearing my glasses, and I have over a week to wait till I can wear them again. Apparently part of the wound is where my glasses would sit (not that it looks like it to me!) and wearing glasses would irritate it and cause infection. So I am either squinting at the monitor, or cranking up the font size. I am definitely getting blind as a bat. And joy of joys - when you've got a head ache and should wear glasses but don't - it gets worse!

I've been trying to keep up with my Celebdaq thingie, but it's just going from bad to worse. It seems whoever I buy ends up dropping money down the drain, and I am now operating at a 22% loss. Remind me to never trade with real money and real stocks.

Been watching my Stat jobbie, and seeing how many people are coming to read my bit about Bethy on the 21st Feb. It seems that people are linking it left, right and center (not complaining!) and more and more people are coming and reading it. Even know the little monkey draws people to her!

Speaking of Bethy, it bombed with snow yesterday while I was out, and I just stopped and stood there while she chucked snow at me. Of course, Jaysen and Ashley (who I was taking home from school) thought I was mental, but meh, old news ;) Once again, it wasn't flakes of snow she was chucking at me, but great big chunks of the stuff!

Still, it's gone 8am, and I am sitting here in a towel - have to get ready before Ruth shows up and collects Jaysen for school. Don't want to kill her when I open the door! hehe

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One Response to “All Fun and Games”

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan,
We also had some snow but it was yesterday and loads on the 21st Feb, and I know that it was Bethy to, just not wanting to be forgotten, and no I am not a religious person, its just what I felt on the day,