All Good Plans...

We had this cunning idea yesterday. Our living room was a bit of a mess, so we decided to strip it out, dump some junk, move it around. No real planning, but "Let's see what that looks like over there" kind of planning. Well, put it this way - I ended up dosing up on pain med central last night. We got rid of loads of crap - and I tell you what, I would make an excellent Squirrel. I can put things away and HIDE them so well, you forget where they are. We found two 19inch monitors hidden in the living room. Two. Old monitors, not nice thin slim-line jobbies. AND a computer case.

So, we shifted around bookcases, sofa, armchair, table, rodent pet thing we aquired* - lots of moving, dragging, shifting, moving again - you get the idea. Except, the problem is, out lounge is "L" shaped, and not straight-walled either. One wall hits the back wall at like 110degrees. So it is pretty wonky and a pain in the arse to arrange furniture.

Well, we did - we arranged till my body was screaming. And it all went back exactly how it started. All afternoon we were up there, and all we ended up doing was tidying it up and dumping some junk. So today, it's Welcome to Ouchville, Population Me.

But I have credit! Now to text a "YAY Credit" so I can annoy the pants off someone!!

Really not sure where the weekend went after all... Saturday I didn't get up till 10am which was very impressive! I can't remember the last time I've slept in later than half eight. Tam has been a bit poorly all weekend with a really dodgy tummy and going through nappies like they're going out of fashion, but she seemed a lot better by dinner time yesterday. So hopefully that's finished with.

As for the nose, well, I still think it's hideous. Most of the scabbing has gone now, leaving me with a nasty read scar and a bit of a hole. I hate it, but people tell me it's not that noticable. Pah, I still hate it. And it's still bloody sore. I'm back at the hospital Wednesday for the docs to check it out, so we'll see if they cringe at the sight of it.

Everyone is going mad over the "Shocker" at the Oscars, but seriously - who gives a crap? I mean, the movie that was favorite to win, didn't. Boo Hoo. The only reason I am pissed that there were so many "Shockers" at the Oscars - I had banked on certain actors being big winners for my Celebdaq stocks, but nooooo - Dan played the odds, and Dan lost. Big surprise. So Friday I was back in the green - I was back to over 10k, but I bet by this time tomorrow, I am as broke as a homeless dude.

Anyways - Jaysen is off to school in ten minutes - best I throw some clothes on :)

*For some reason, we now own a Guinea Pig called - imaginatively - Pig. It was Jo's mums, but she said Jaysen could have it - so he now lives in the living room.

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