Piktars n Fotos

Figured I might as well put some photos on here at least ;) Not like there aren't enough on here, but these ones have interesting hair amongst other things! hehe

First up - when Nanny babysits, the hair gets interesting...

Of course, taking her photo now, she's more interested in what I am doing BEHIND the camera!

And second photos - bathtime! Jo somehow managed to convince Jaysen he should stay put...

Notice how in that first photo, Tam looks SO much like Bethy. Other times, she looks like Jaysen, and other days, her cousin Abbie, but that there was a Bethy-Moment :)

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One Response to “Piktars n Fotos”

Alan Fisher said...

"when nanny babysits"? You employ a Nanny!.... bloody show off... lol