Yes, Yes, I See What You're Saying Down There

And I was never a trouble making child. I was good and sweet and pure as driven snow. Still am actually. Me and ol' Pope John Paul used to joke about me getting my Sainthood before Mother Teresa, but he used to say "No, Dan, she's an old girl, let's sort her out first." and we'd laugh and joke before I had to go back home on my stealth helecopter.

Daniel is a fine name for any boy to grow up. As long as you want them to lead an interesting life.

Anyways, NoseWatch Day 7. Doc told me on the phone I cant get an appointment till Monday for the stitches - try the Day Unit. They can't do it till Wednesday, so I saved them all the bother and did it myself. It had to be done - they were pulling and annoying as hell - all I could see in my field of view was this fricking bit of blue plastic, so tweezers and snippity snip - job done. Of course, over the last couple of days, I've noticed that it is healing with a nice big dent, so I've gone from a lump to a cave, and I am really grumpy about it. I mean, I was ugly before, but now I have an all-new ugly to deal with. Pah. Talk about feeling undesirable and grouchy.

Not to mention - still not allowed to wear my glasses for another week, nor the headache that is STILL present. Or the fact Mr Nose is *sore*.

Enough being a woman.

Big Congrats to a friend of mine, another Emma. She had her little boy delivered by C-Section yesterday. Garin was born at 2.07pm and weighed 6lb 15oz, and apparently is very gorgeous :) She mailed me when she first found out she was preggers, and mailed me again to tell me they were sneaking off to the hospital to have it done, so congrats to them!

Actually, thinking about it, a lot of people mail me and say "SHhhhh Dan, I'm preggers!" They must think I am good at keeping secrets... hehehehe I should publish my list of secrets one day for all the world to see. Not that I would live that long of course - I'd hit publish, and 300 assassins would burst into my house and kill me in several different ways! But oooh the scandle! er, Scandel. Scandal? With the A.

Ooooh the Scandal!

Edit - and for those texting me, I am not ignoring you, but I'm out of credit - *exactly* out of credit - balance of £0.00! BUT you can text people in the UK for free at This Site - so any message from CBFsms - that's me :)

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