The Avalanche

You know, avalanche, a catastrophic event caused by the gathering of a squillion ickle things, ie, snowflakes. It literally feels like that here at the moment. One thing strikes, then another, and another and another until flumph! You're buried.

Last time, on Oddness. Jaysen ripped his bumcheek open. Since then, we've had a bug making everyone vomit for England, let alone the other end. My least favorite game is "Which End Goes Over The Toilet". Of course, in true Dan-Form, I managed to share it with our friend Ruth and her two kids as well. While this is going on, Jo decided now would be a good time for her monthly to strike, so she's extra under-the-weather. And what would my life be without Tam keeping a hold of the germs and filling nappies on a constant basis.

So, all this throws the housework out of whack, which I plough through, only to find more on the other side. The washing machine is on constantly, my hands are extra wrinkled from washing up, my feet ache... And here somewhere, I found my computer.

Oh, and for laughs, I went down the stairs this morning and hurt my right wrist, so it's extra owie doing chores. Yes yes, my right wrist, stop sniggering at the back there...

Now I sit here, coffee in hand, music on, just waiting for the flumph! It's gonna happen, I know it.

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