But, But, Butt...

Yes, oopsie, I forgot to update on Jaysen. Turns out there WAS something to stitch - there wasn't a chunk of flesh missing, it was the skin peeling open. Ouchie. Anyways, they got in last night just after midnight, so Jaysen is off school again today. All things considering, he was a good boy for the doc, and as Jo said "If it were me, I would have passed out." I remember back in the day, they never used to give a local anesthetic for stitches. Pah.

This would be Jaysens butt last night before he went off to hospital. Apologies for the quality, it's my camera phone, so not the best. After he went down the stairs, Jo carried him to her chair and he sort of laid at an angle while we debated "Hospital or Dressing" - turns out we made the right choice. It's hard to see, but that is pretty much a chunk missing from his arse cheek.

And this, this is just before they put the dressing on it. Five stitches and the worlds supply of steri-strips - it's got to stay closed and is on a very well-used bit of flesh - sitting, walking, laying, and moving in general. He's sore but otherwise OK, and phrases like "He's torn himself a new one" or "He's a pain in the ass" are quite prolific around the house at the moment.

The bastards that we are.

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