Celebs Rock

Finally, something happened that I counted on happening at least a week and a half ago! While I am not saying what, or who my celebs are, I am FINALLY off the bottom of the mini-league and making money. I know what my problem is - I think 99% of all celebs are arrogant and arsey, and couldn't give them the time of day. I don't watch TV, don't read the papers, watch the news, listen to the radio, read magazines... "Ooooh he won Big Brother!" I mean seriously, who gives a crap.

Oh, and Joansy, in answer to your question - Chantelle is the winner of Celebrity Big Brother (without being a real celeb, she was planted and the country loved her) while Pete Burns is a very very odd looking chap from some band or another that things he's great because he has the face of a woman or some such nonsense. He's so alternative and original. Pffft. No clue about the other woman though!

To sum up, the world cares too much about "the beautiful people", who they are seeing and what they are doing. If they looked out their windows every now and then, they'd notice their neighbours are breaking up with their partners, adopting kids, giving birth, and gaining/losing weight.

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