OK, at the risk of being accused of Pulling a Dan, I figured another post before bed was in order. If some of you are as bored as I am with the web, then you might appreciate this stuff. Those of you that have known me for a while will have possibly seen these before - I know I had several people addicted to them, and sitting here this evening chilling, I went back to them.

There are two games that are similar (but totally different) evolving games here, the first is Grow v3, and the second is Grow Cube. Step by step, you have to put the different objects onto the world and they will "level up" and change. The purpose? To finish with everything at "Max Level". Not as easy as it sounds by ANY stretch of the imagination, and it's taken me a few days to crack the Cube version. There is also Grow RPG, in that you have to place the items on the world against the bad guy monster, then collect treasure, weapons and armour, then defeat him. This is really hard!

There is also Tontie, which is kinda like "Whack A Mole" but with a twist - and it gets very fast after a few levels.

Hatch is another interesting one, in that you have to collect things falling from the sky - except depending on the colour, you have to change your colour. And being a colour-based game I suck balls at it! hehe

Vanilla is the game I first discovered this site with - grow the tree upwards by clicking the blue-flashing part. Oh - scroll down. Waaaay down. Keep going... Click the plant pot a few times until the "tree" starts to flash blue, and click the tree. Angles and Speed all play a part, and you'll find you have to scroll the window AND click after about 25ft.

And lastly - there is Moving Puzzle - a jigsaw with a twist.

That should keep you busy enough that you won't notice me either failing to post, or spamming out posts :)

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