My Poorly Poota

I hate to come downstairs and realise that my computer is off. My computer is NEVER off, and rarely requires a reboot. And then there is that sinking feeling when you press the power button and nothing happens. Not even a click, a bang or a puff of smoke.

So I spent all day yesterday poking and proding and eventually stripping my computer. Tested all the main bits - drives, power supply, RAM, graphics - all fine - which leads me to the conclusion that my motherboard has popped. So here I am on Jos craptastic machine (ok, same spec but I hate her mouse and keyboard) sulking. I'm going to test the processor in Jo's machine later today (well, in about an hour after housework) so fingers crossed THAT works so it's just one thing broken.

I wouldn't mind if I sat it in a bath of warm water, and wouldn't mind if a surge did it, but the surge plugs are fine, and the power supply is fine, so I imagine it's "just one of those things"


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One Response to “My Poorly Poota”

Minge said...

Ooh! A two computer household!


DId you get it sorted out?