So Here I Am

Here I sit, been up for several hours on a Saturday, large mug o' tea, plate of toasted Hot Cross Buns which I eat all year around, not just Easter. *cough* I've got some music thumping on the computer (which is more powerful than most stereo systems), Jo is away Thursday till late Monday, Tamsyn is at Jo's mums, and Jaysen - who had a late night - is still sound asleep. The housework is done, the laundry is on, and I feel pretty funky. In the groove. Pulled out of the funk, as it were. Groove, funk... hmmm...

Anyways, life in Basildonia sans Jodie is refreshing and makes a change. Does her good to go beat the snot out of people, and does me good to stay here and do my own thing at my own pace and chill out. Plus I have my mobile phone to keep me company, or, more specifically, the people I hammer text messages to all day. Not really been on WoW much over the last few days - hope I've not burned myself out again which means I will be playing irritating Web-Games and reading for the next couple of weeks.

As with the web and it's 99% shite on it - including this - I've been hitchhiking along the Superhighway to find things that tickle my fancy, and there are a few things here and there that I've read/watched and thought "tee hee". Well, not tee hee, as that sounds crap, but you get the idea!

  • Bunny Suicides - A series of cartoons from a book that everyone seemed to rave about over here a few years back. Still, makes me smile.
  • Shoes For Dogs - Really, you want me to explain? They're like... Shoes. For, er, dogs. And this is serious, not a joke!
  • Thongs For Dogs - OK.. Erm... Thongs. Dogs.
  • Detailed Art - OK, you have to believe me when I tell you the picture on this page is DRAWN. Not a photo. Read the info - a man with a whooole lot of time on his hands.
  • A Different Egg - If a recipie calls for "two eggs", what happens if you change it to "two Cadburys Creme Eggs"...
  • Coke Bottle Rocket - If you've never made a coke bottle fly, you're missing out. Of course, there is always someone that has to go one better...
  • Big Muscles - Seriously, if you were supposed to inject oil into your muscles, it would say so in the manual.
  • Bloody Annoying Game - Move the circles so no lines cross one another. I got stuck at level 3 :(
  • Big Ball Of Paint - This is another of those "why" sites. And again, if you need an explanation..
  • Dugong - Ahhh Weebl, we salute you. Some more.
As you can see, plenty of crap out there to keep things amusing. Apart for the Dog Underwear part. Ugh.

Other than that, things are quiet. And I don't just mean today with the lack of woman here. We've been chilling and doing our own things at our own pace. With all the doom and gloom and my lack of posting on here, I forgot to mention it was Jo's birthday last weekend. With the kids at Nannys House, we made good use of The Booze, The Takeaway and The Friends House. Suffice to say, we got rather, er, tipsy *cough*. We went out at about 7.30pm, and didn't stagger through the front door till just after 5am. What was extra amusing was that me (being the sleepless wonder that I am) was up at six in the morning on the day of her birthday. Twenty three hours of being up and about (plus booze), followed by a whole three hours sleep - no wonder I fell asleep in front of the TV at lunchtime.

Jo had a great time, despite the fact I have convinced pretty much everyone we know she's not 27, but 30. The MOST amusing thing is when I say "She's 30 now!" she gets all vein-poppy and red-faced, which I use to my advantage. "She's trying to hide the fact from everyone as she hates it." which is even MORE amusing. So now, people keep asking me "Is she really 30, because she keeps telling me she's only 27..." to which I just smile and nod.

I should work for the government. Disinformation Services or something. "No, we're not fighting a war in the Iraq, we're, ah, planting flowers." See - completely believeable.

Speaking of disinformation, I sat up Thursday night watching about three hours of conspiracy theory stuff on Google Video about the 9/11 attacks. Bear in mind, everything I see and read on the web, the news or in the papers, I take with a pinch of salt, but it WAS interesting to see. Apparently, a missile hit the Pentagon, not a plane. The aircraft that crashed in the field was shot down by the US Air Force. And the twin towers were filled with explosives to they collapsed perfectly and in record time. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying it's true or not, but as with everything, if you read the information in a certain light, you can take it however it's produced. Actually, try doing a Google on "Conspiracy Theory" and aside from the first entry (which is the Mel Gibson movie) everything else is about government cover ups and such like. 9/11, JFK, Moon Landings, Roswell, Area 51...

And so, that's about it for the time being. I've not read any of my usual blogs for a while, so now I am going to go annoy them with a comment-spamming-spree. Except for Christine. I think she's forgotten how to use the "Publish" button.

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3 Responses to “So Here I Am”

Anonymous said...

oopps I actually meant to post this link

Dan said...

hehe either link is fine ta. Of course, I'm REALLY not sure who this is - so many people use the phrase "Hen" now, it confuses me! hehe
Edit: Never mind, figured it from the link!

The second link - I've actually done the Crimson Room before. But I do in fact suck at Point-and-Click games. I will pass them to Jo though, as she kicks ass at them!

Anonymous said...

I cant find the stupid battery in the crimson room. I figured someone else could be frustrated! LOL (I know where it is but for some reason I cant click there!)