Email Address HTML


Here's the code I was trying to post for you:

< href="mailto:**Email**">***Whatever you want to appear***< /a>

In order to get it to appear here, I've added a space BEFORE the first "A" in a href and before the last "/" in /a. You just need to change the parts that read **Email** to the email address you're linking, and to what you want the link to show.

Hope that helps :)

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3 Responses to “Email Address HTML”

The Random One said...

Oh sure, when Minge asks...


Dan said...

Yeah but he's in the same country - well, kinda - he's in Scotland, so can come and break my legs. You, on the other hand, are living it up in California. Zero threat.

And you're a girl. hehe

Minge said...

Thanks, Dan. Did you see my handywork?

Thanks again! You're fabulous!