Summer in the City

Since last weekend, it happened. The clouds parted, the wind ceased, and the sun came out. Now, looking out the window, the weather is glorious. I bloody well love the summer. This weekend it's going to be boiling hot and brilliant sunshine.

And the people of England moan. As they do. But you know that - you read my ramblings. Too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry, too windy, too foggy, too snowy... Come on people of England, get a fricking life.

So, today is going to be a busy one. Jo's younger brother is getting married on a spur-of-the-moment deal. Four weeks ago, he landed an IT Job in Brunei and will be on a working visa for two years. In order for his lady and their kids to go on the same visa, they need to be married, so cue much rushing around and "planning". Married today, shipping off in late July. Joy.

Also today marks Day #2 of the World Cup, and the first day for England to play. The world cup, biggest football event in history, millions of fans, merchandise, TV listings.

Seriously - people care? It's twenty two men running around in their shorts and teeshirt, kicking a bit of leather around. I was accused yesterday of not being patriotic. Patriotic? It's a bloody game. I've never liked sports, especially football. I even got told once that not liking football meant I was gay. *I* was Gay?! I'm being accused of being gay by someone that enjoys watching 22 men get hot and sweaty while running around.

Go go gadget logic.

The reason for the jumping of this post from Wedding to Footie? Well, they mix believe it or not. After the wedding, we're going back to Greg & Claires house, where they are putting the TV in the garden, firing up the Barbeque, and watching the England match. On their wedding day.

Moving on...

Mummy's Live Roleplaying Rubs off...

The little madam poses. Again.

The new fun game - peeking from behind my desk.

Little sods...

It's from their mothers side, I swear.

Think that pretty much sums up things of late. Just finished watching Season 2 of Lost. Thanks to those that bloody well got me addicted - and for those that are still on Episode 9 (ie, those watching it on British TV), I am not giving anything away, but OH MY GOODNESS! Also finished watching Firefly (Thanks to Joey!) and what a great series that is. Or was. We saw the movie, Serenity, a while ago and loved it, but never saw the TV Show. Well, now we have and we weren't disappointed. So Yay for that too.

You know, I often wonder what would happen if I dropped in - completely at random - a massive spoiler for Lost. You know, ramble about the weather and in the middle drop in something massive. You'd HAVE to read it wouldn't you - you'd see it and comprehend and *gasp*. The twisted part of me thinks it'd be pretty amusing... Hmmm, "Lost Spoilers". Wonder if that will make Google forward people this way ;)

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to iron a shirt and smother the kids in sunblock. Think of me ;)

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