Wandering the Net

Jo is off out with a friend and wine this evening, so I am home alone - well, as alone as you can get with two kids. On the bright side, we've started putting Tam to bed at 7.30, instead of taking her to bed when we go up. So far so good - she's sleeping pretty well with only minimal screaming. Of course, with Jo being out, the baby has woken up twice tonight.

Ahh well, at least it's Friday tomorrow.

While bored out my skull and not really in the mood to do anything, I've been reading and spamming commenting on other peoples blogs most of the evening, following their links to see where I end up. Managed to pass the time admirably in fact.

My other "fun" pass time is browsing Google Video and You Tube to see the sort of stuff people put on there. There's some amusing stuff there, but you have to sift through the crap to find it. Seriously, some of the crap people upload boggles the mind. Says he with his blog full of junk.

Each to their own I suppose.

Anyways, I found the Lordi music video on there to "Hard Rock Hallelujah" (the song that won Eurovision). Good for a laugh, might not be suitable for kids of those with a fear of zombies and demons. Found a collection of clips taken from a security camera in a Russian tunnel that seems to be an accident Blackspot. Probably Alan driving after raiding his minibar. An interesting guide for women on how to park their car - obviously it's fake as women can't do simple things like that. *ducks*. There's also a chap that appears to have turned a remote control airplane from a plane to a flying lawnmower. Not to mention the eskimo catching fish, the worlds most secure vehicle and, lastly, just for Christine, the magician Criss Angel (or Chris Angel, whatever) doing his magical thang - which isn't for the faint hearted. Consider yourself warned on that part.

All in all, I've achieved nothing this evening - no games, no phone calls, no hassle - but my feet are up and I'm chilled out for a change.

Now to wait for the wench to stagger through the front door so I can go to bed!

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4 Responses to “Wandering the Net”

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan,

It's Amanda (Megan's mom: http://tchin.org/portraits/megan-3.htm). Just wanted to say hello and congratulations on the wedding plans!

I think about you guys often, and hope that you are doing okay. I've been reading your blog off & on since Bethy died, but I don't think I've ever commented before.

Take care

Dan said...

Hi Hi :)
Welcome to the madness!

Minge said...

The tunnel thing made me shit my pants.

Dan said...

And to think Alan is out there... I seem to recall him mentioning something about the drivers in that part of the world ;)