OK, it's now 1.35am. And yes, I am awake, and yes, I am pissed off.

Remember back in March, we had that guy in the flats opposite us blaring his music out at ungodly hours. The one who's music was so loud, it was clear as day THROUGH double glazing? Well, back in March, the council served him with a "Shut the hell up" notice which lasted three months - no further complaints, notice closed. We got the notice 11 days ago...

Guess what I am doing up at this time of the night... Yup, the silly prat is at it again, drum and bass thumping through the night time air. So I've just had to rifle through my paperwork to find the right phone number to get ahold of them again - and now I have to wait for someone to call me back.

On the other hand, Jaysen is looking to be coming down with the lurgey, so he probably won't have to go into school tomorrow, but none the less... Ugh.

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