Blimey O'Reilly

I noticed yesterday late-afternoon my stats had crept up above their "average" of 100-150 pageloads per day of late. But yesterday was my second-busiest day ever. The last one was on the first anniversary of losing Bethy when I posted my waffle and her photos. 485 hits that day, 286 yesterday. NB; if you go visit that link, take a tissue.

The Year So Far:

This Week:

I'm quite impressed with my stats to be honest. Since January, I've had nearly 15,000 visitors come see my blog, and that makes me smile. Out of all of them, I like to think a least two find it interesting. Looking at some of the other stats, I find it interesting that some people have well over 200 returning visits, which makes me feel all fuzzy. If you're a regular here, pull up a chair. If you're new here, come over and join us! There's room for all!

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One Response to “Blimey O'Reilly”

Mark said...

Bet most of them were me, I have this orrible habit of reading bits and coming back for more..... oops see did it again!! ;)