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It really IS doom and gloom around the world, isn't it. I mean, more so than usual, which takes some doing. Irish Alan blames the weather, while it could be the beginning of the end from a Biblical position (not that that holds any weight with me!). My morning ritual after stumbling downstairs involves coffee and internet - Sky News first, then comics, then I delve into all my favorite blogs - which is getting to be a pretty impressive list!

Popping open the news page of late just makes me sigh and keep going. I know - it's not news unless it's BAD, but holy crap, why does everything have to happen when the weather is so nice? I'll tell you - no one wants to war, cause scandel, gossip, lie, cheat, steal, rape or murder when it's pissing with rain driven by a gale forced wind.

Maybe that's the cure to all the worlds problems. Fuck up the weather so people don't want to do anything. "I don't want to invade that country, it's too cold".

I mean, let's look at this here - these are stories all in the news at the moment, but I won't be linking them, as let's face it, if you don't want to read you won't click them.

  • Israel vs. Lebanon
  • 15 Year Old Rapes 11 Year Old in Sainsburys
  • 16 Year Old Rapes 13 Year Old in Swimming Pool
  • Cadburys Responsible for Salmonella Outbreak
  • Deputy Prime Minister in Scandel
  • More on Indian Train Bombings
  • Tsunami Deaths Close to 800
  • Islamists Urge Somalis To Ready For War
And none of this touches on the goings on in Iraq, and let's not forget there's still hell going on in Afghanistan, there were plane crashes internationally and locally, as well as all the other rapes and murders.

AND Stuarts wife had her purse stolen in a town where cow tipping is their most violent crime.

OK, granted, there ARE "light hearted" stories out there - for instance, my "MyYahoo" homepage has one section for international headlines, one for Technology, and two for "Weird/Amusing" news. These I WILL link, just to give a small smile...
Ah well, if you can't smile, you're going to cry I suppose. Still, if you want something to read, might I point to the list of Blogs I Read just off to the side there -------> Lots of snazzy people with lots to say. Go read, go say Hi :)

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