A New Toy

It's AMAZING the crap that makes me laugh, really. So give me something purile and childish, and I am happy for HOURS. Those "motivational" posters that people have - like the cat dangling from the rope with "Hang in there baby - nearly home time" or other such things...

Well, I've been playing with a site for the last couple of days that lets me make such posters - you add a photo, enter a title and a caption, click generate, and, well...

Those that don't know, that is Jo's leg in the second picture, after her last-last weekend away, after being hit with "safe" weaponry.

Anyway - I know you all want to play and make yourselves chuckle as much as I have been, so go play with the Motivator. But you have to send me what you make! Unless you've made rude ones that you don't want to share. Jo has been exclaiming "DANIEL!" most of this evening... hehehe

(Edit: This was written last night, but I couldn't add the images, so I edited it for this morning)

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