Nice Idea, Why Don't I Steal It

A list, stolen from Alan, who in turn stole it from someone else...

  • My ex was ... a knife wielding psychopath
  • My Family is ... flagged as "odd"
  • Maybe I should ... try to sleep more
  • I love ... my kids and Jo to bits
  • I don’t understand ... religion
  • My favorite color is ... dark blue
  • I lost my ... daughter before I could see her grow
  • Walking on ... grass barefoot
  • I want to ... scream at some people to SHUT UP
  • People would say that I’m ... anally retentive "in a good way"
  • Love is ... the best and worst of everything
  • Somewhere, someone is ... sitting beside their child in hospital thinking the worst
  • I will always ... analyse everything I say and do
  • Forever is ... a bloody long time
  • I never want to ... lose another child
  • I think the current Prime Minister is ... short
  • When I wake up in the morning I ... wake Jo by falling over her
  • Life is full of ... big bloody bumps
  • My past is incredibly ... complicated
  • I get annoyed when ... people try to force their views and opinions upon me
  • Parties are for ... sitting with my closest friends have a drink and a laugh
  • I wish ... I'd never lost Bethy so soon
  • Kisses are the worst when ... they are a "goodbye forever" kiss
  • Tomorrow I’m going to ... try and cheer up a bit
  • I really want ... to be fit and healthy once more
  • I have low tolerance for people who ... judge others by their appearance
  • If I had a million dollars ... build my dream home
  • Guys are ... waaay too hung up on sports
  • Girls are ... waaay too hung up on style
Sorry about the mood in there, I am tired and missing Bethy an awful lot today.

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