One Hundred Pounds

I have sitting beside me a gift of £100. "Spend it on what you like, buy yourself something." Excellent stuff, I'll have a.... a, er... um... er...

So, here I sit with my little stack of five £20 notes - and I have done since Thursday afternoon - thinking "What do I want?". Bills are paid, so no need to panic-pay any of them. Clothes? Pffft, yeah because that'd be SO much fun. DVDs? Nothing out that I want, though I COULD refill my CSI collection to include two seasons of Las Vegas, and whatever is missing from Miami and New York. Computer Stuff? Well, I can ALWAYS upgrade my computer, but it'd only be an teeny bit. I already have a swanky mouse and a swanky keyboard. Mobile Phone - did that already this year. Junk? Well, I hate to squander my money or something "fun now, collect dust later".

So here I sit, with a furrowed brow, trying to figure what to spend the money on.

Oh, and for you non-pound-using sorts, £100 works out to: US$185, €146, CA£211, AU$246

Ka-Ching indeed.

Suggestions - and I don't mean a "send it to me" or "buy me a..." suggestion either - if I can't spend it on me, I can't spend it on you!

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3 Responses to “One Hundred Pounds”

joansy said...

Thought #1 - do you have multiple monitors for your computer? I have 3 at the office and I'm one happy girl - no endless switching between screens, it makes multi-tasking a breeze, and I can read one website while another is loading.

Thought #2 - You'd need to pick up a couple of extra bucks, but this looks like it would be worth it:

Thought #3 - far less expensive and very useful:

Thought #4 - for winter:

Thought #5 - tickets to Wicked:

Anonymous said...

Whats your favorite restaurant? Preferably one where the waitresses are clothed. Call a cab, and have a out on the town father son day with Jaysen.....

Minge said...

If you go to see Wicked, please take Minge.