She Spawned!

Here is the exact text message I woke up to!

She has had a girl called Amy Gemma Longley, weighed 8lb 3oz, born at 20:23 by C-Section
YAY! Of course, trust Gemma to break the Boy-then-Girl chain!

Edit! Just found this in my Inbox!!

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8 Responses to “She Spawned!”

Alan Fisher said...

cool! Tell her congratulations please.

That baby is enormous! I thought they were about a quarter that size when the came out.

Dan said...

hehe ALL women wish that... Jaysen was even bigger than that. It's like Jo gave birth to a toddler!

Anonymous said...

well done to all, poor Gem must be warn out, Amy looks so cute, so not taking after her uncle Dan there, must take after her mummy,

congratulations to you all


I new it would be a girl

Alan said...

Congratulations to Uncle Dan, and of course the mammy and daddy.

But really, it's all about the Uncle.

joansy said...

Congratulations to everyone. She's beautiful!

Daddy Cool said...

Huzzah! Congratulations!

Alan Fisher said...

I've just realised that when the baby is my age the year will be 2037.

I'm gonna throw up.

Dan said...

hehe scary stuff eh - and how old will you be then? Will blogging be done, not through the keyboard, but by the power of thought?