Where Am I: The Answer!

Impressive stuff. I've had people emailing me, and a couple of text messages from friends about it!

Ladies and Gentlemen - I give you the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. In Hong Kong, in case that wasn't clear ;)

OK, yes, that was pretty tough - even though Phylis deducted it, the smart little bikkie that he is. Next time I will do something less-difficult for us normal sorts, and something really arsey for him :)

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4 Responses to “Where Am I: The Answer!”

Alan Fisher said...

eh? I said it was something in Glasgow and you said I was close!!!!

Are you playing in my photography competition?

And can you post more like this? I really enjoyed it!

Dan said...

Noooo Mr Alan - I said you "were on the right lines" - it's a convention center!

Anonymous said...

Hong-kong belongs to China now.

Dan said...

Don't worry Mr or Miss or Mrs Anonymous, I know that :)