I started feeling a bit icky yesterday afternoon... Just "yucky" if that makes any sense. I felt rough to the point of an early night last night as was in bed before 10pm which is really not like me. By 10.30pm I resorted to some painkillers as my back was giving me some hassle as well.

This morning, I feel like someone has inflated my head (in a bad way) and my eyes are all puffy, I've got a sore throat and feel rough in general. Plus my back is still not happy this morning. On the fli[ side, I've avoided every bug, germ, virus and other nasty that have been going around over the last six months, so it's not all bad.

Of course, this probably means I'm going to get them all in one hit.

And now one of the neighbours is having his house pumped with insulation, which means there are two prats with pneumatic drills/jackhammers smashing away at a wall. Glad my head isn't REALLY pounding.

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One Response to “Grotty”

Nancy Jensen said...

awwwwwwww, poor you! Hope you feel better and that the jackhammers don't pound your head too badly.