It's Always Something

Well, here I am. I am still in one piece, and was ready to go into detail about how poorly I was, how the gastric flu helped me lose over a stone in two weeks, how my back has been hell of late, and how fun it is to be ill.


We got a call from Gemma yesterday - Amy has been really poorly over the last couple of weeks, but her doc has told her it's "just reflux, get on with it". I've been stewing on it constantly, worrying that something wrong with her gut meant something wrong with her heart. Now, I know deep inside I was being paranoid, but she wasn't a happy baby, so I told Gemma to push and push - don't worry about being labelled a "paranoid mother", just get her seen to.

Well she did, thank whatever is out there. Yesterday afternoon, our local hospital shot Gemma and Amy off in an Ambulance to the Royal London Hospital. Amy has been diagnosed with a condition called Pyloric Stenosis - basically her stomach contents won't leave her stomach properly thanks to a muscle that is getting tighter and tighter just under it, and she needs urgent surgery.

The op is fairly straight forward, and once fixed, Amy won't know anything about it aside from a small scar, but I hate that Amy has to go through this, and I really hate the fact that Gemma and Peter are having to prepare themselves to send their baby into surgery. You can't describe it, the tension, the holding your baby so they can put a needle in their hand, or when they knock them out... I hope that my words to Gem help her - she asked how me and Jo coped with all this with Bethy, and the only answer I could give was "You cope, because you have to". Sure, you can fall to bits and sit in the corner, but that isn't any use for Amy, and I KNOW Gemma can do this, I just hate the fact she has to.

So, can you keep the three of them in your thoughts and/or prayers over the next few days. I'll keep people posted here as and when I get news.

Thanks for all the comments and emails asking where I am - never knew ya'll cared so much ;)

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5 Responses to “It's Always Something”

debbie said...

I for one like you Dan know exactly what its like to put your baby through surgery, whether is Heart Surgery or Cardi cath to teeth out, we have been there and it doesn't get any easier, and your dead right, it doesn't matter how crap you feel you do cope, cause you have to, and I know how worried Gemma and Peter must be feeling too, but also I can sense how you must be feeling, cause having a baby in similar age to Amy I only have to look at him and think oh christ I can't bear to think of Amy going through Surgery, I know Gemma was worried about something going wrong because of Bethy, but we all now it doesn't happen like that, its just coinsidence that Amy Needs this..

I am sure when its over Amy will feel so much better, and no more projectile Vommiting, and the scar will heal, but no matter what I know how there feeling..

Sending good luck all goes well vibes to Gemma and Pete as well as Dont worry Amy is going to be fine.
Love to you all

Anonymous said...

Oh Dan, I've been away so I've missed all this and am just catching up! Lots of hugs and good wishes. x

Minge said...

The poor wee soul. You're all certainly in my thoughts and prayers. I hope it's a simple procedure and is all over soon. Poor thing.

What a shame they're all having to go through this. And what a crying shame that you have to push and push the medical profession to get decent treatment.

Lots of love to you all...

joansy said...

All of my best thoughts are with you and your family. I hope Amy is doing well soon.

Gretchen said...

Glad Mom pushed the issue and got a correct diagnosis.

Hope all goes smoothly!